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Human anatomy atlas 2023 app apk download

Human anatomy atlas 2023 app apk download
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Human anatomy atlas 2023 app apk download

Human Anatomy Atlas 2023 adopts a very realistic picture in which all the organs of our human body are introduced in detail. Using popular and understandable language, you can know every place and function of our body structure more clearly through this platform.

Human Anatomy Atlas 2023 is a complete 3D human figure. With the development of science and technology, more and more people know about the human body. For those who are not good at medicine, common sense seems to be enough. However, doctors, medical students and even anatomy enthusiasts all want to have as detailed a human figure as possible. Because every year, scientists will discover more exciting details in the human body and develop new functions.

Human Anatomy Atlas 2023 Functions:

  • Simple and intuitive interface transparency function
  • Rotate and enlarge each model in 3D space
  • Options for hiding or isolating single or multiple selected models
  • Filter to hide or show each system
  • Search function can easily find each anatomical part
  • Bookmark function to save customized view
  • “Intelligent” rotation, which can automatically move the rotation center
  • From the superficial layer to the deepest layer, it provides visualization of all layers of muscles
  • Display relevant anatomical terms by selecting models or pins
  • Description of muscle: starting point, ending point, innervation and action
  • Show/hide UI interface (useful for small screens)

Features of Human Anatomy Atlas 2023:

  • -Support access to views, favorites, quizzes and animations
  • -Support hiding or fading multiple structures
  • -Search function, through this software, you can immediately query organs
  • -Support to change gender, which can be switched in the software interface
  • -Provide a simple way to add organs. Common organs can be found on the left side of the software


Human Anatomy Atlas 2023 has been certified by many medical experts for the accuracy of application information. The application also includes a number of pay plans that allow you to unlock advanced knowledge packs. I believe that this application will help you improve your biological and medical knowledge in the course.

More gross anatomy, microanatomy, and organ tissue models!
+ Explore the layers of the heart wall
+ Analyze the components of skeletal muscle
+ Understand the fascia and septa that define the muscle compartments of the upper and lower limbs
+ See inside the longest bone in the human body—learn the structures and blood supply of the femur
+ Study the osteon, the main structural unit of compact bone
+ Dig into hepatic lobules, the microscopic functional building block of the liver
Human anatomy atlas 2023 app apk download
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