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Hotune Body Editor Face Slim app download v3.0.3

Hotune Body Editor Face Slim app download v3.0.3
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Hotune Body Editor Face Slim app download v3.0.3

Hotune Body Editor Face Slim app is a professional body editor application, and also a necessary beauty camera. It can adjust the figure of the picture with one click to reduce the face, add abdominal muscles, long legs, slim down and other effects. It is simple to operate and fully unlocked. Welcome to download!

Powerful body editor, you can have a perfect body. In the simple face editor, you can have a beautiful little face. You can also have a perfect figure.

Software highlights:

Perfect figure

Photo body remodeling has never been easier! Whether you want to lose weight or emphasize any part of your body. This application will implement it. In any of your photos, you look slim, fit and taller. This is the perfect tool for editing pictures for your Instagram account or Facebook profile. Edit the vision of a perfect Facebook image.

Longer legs

Use this application to make the legs look longer. The common thin legs on the Internet provide limited application options. Usually, all the results look artificial and show the photo editing effect. This is a typical example of a fast image editor, which does not aim at customer satisfaction. The result of such modification may be disastrous for Instagram

The thinner the better

Do you want to look thinner in photos? Want to see how you can have a flat stomach? You just need a good photo editor. Today, we would like to share with you a simple way to enhance your portrait photos and shrink your face, abs or any other part of your body before you upload them to your blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.

Software functions:

Body shaping

Many people are self aware of their thin or fat bodies. Don’t worry, because now the Hotune Body Editor will support and align your photos to make them the most symmetrical. In this application, users have predefined rows due to the contribution of features. Shaping is essential in every process.

Poor treatment effect

Sensitive parts such as thighs, biceps, abdomen, shoulders, etc., The Hotune Body Editor will carefully consider before giving you the ideal model. You can slim down according to the application mentioned above, or you can edit it yourself. You can lengthen your legs and reduce the area you need to pay attention to.

Natural effect

We worry that editing will make your photos ugly and unnatural, but no, Hotune Body Editor will make your photos look great. The natural effect is full of color, enough to make your photos stand out without leaving any traces of decoration. The app will determine the best photo of your body.

Hotune features:

[Heightening and Shaping] With one key, you can have a super model figure, making you beautiful from head to foot~

[Slim face and body] Push your finger, where you want to be thin! The perfect proportion is pushed out!

[Facial remolding] The magic face pinching skill, where you are not satisfied, the fairy’s face is 360 ° without dead angle~

[Natural Beauty Makeup] The delicate and natural makeup can also take beautiful self portraits when you just get up!

[One click beauty] The self portrait magic wand is always online~

Bugs fixed. Improve performance.
Hotune Body Editor Face Slim app download v3.0.3
Download Hotune Body Editor Face Slim app download v3.0.3 

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