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Heroic expedition game apk download latest v1.8

Heroic expedition game apk download latest v1.8
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Heroic expedition game apk download latest v1.8

Heroic expedition offers players a variety of new elements. At the same time, it can bring you many different wonderful adventures.

At the same time, players can find a lot of new content for themselves here. At the same time, there are more novel elements for you.

Various adventures and battles will also bring you different highlights, and the gameplay will be very good.

Software introduction:

Heroic expedition is a card adventure mobile game with a magic elf theme. The game is mainly based on card battles and home construction.

The game has a high degree of freedom to build a base, and it can also summon spirit beasts to fight. Distant challenge missions, here to save the danger of the continent, there are many growth factors waiting for you to take an adventure, come here for the magic of war!

Heroic expedition fun:

More big adventures and challenging moments are presented, and more passionate duels can begin

Also enjoy new quests and fun, and every test is fantastic.

Exciting sports are waiting for your start, and we will enjoy a wide variety of game offers for free.

Heroic expedition strategy:

Required hero

1. The Dragonborn Queen, the three series of water, fire and grass are all single-player, not suitable for pushing pictures, but it is good to play BOSS.

2. In the Dragon Hunting Sword, fire and water are all single, but grass is the back row, so it is not suitable for pushing pictures.

3. Jungle hunter, water hits the whole team, fire hits the individual, grass hits the back row, the status is equivalent to the thorn witch, if you are going to take the warrior route, she must do it.

4. Hidden ninja, fire to fight the single body, grass to fight the front row, water to fight the back row, suitable for pushing the map, the fragments are easy to get, it is recommended to do.

1. 新增英雄::絕望黑龍
2. 新增玩法:深淵裂隙
3. 新的活動
Heroic expedition game apk download latest v1.8
Download Heroic expedition game apk download latest v1.8 

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