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Hermit app apk download v22.2.1 (Unlocked)

Hermit app apk download v22.2.1 (Unlocked)
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Hermit app apk download v22.2.1

Hermit introduces you to a new and unique browser system with many built-in features to optimize the system with many advantages. Also, it automatically helps users search for specialized apps that have lite versions that they can use in the browser to save a lot of performance. It also includes the integration of more extensions to take the user’s personalization to the next level when exploring or utilizing the browser.


Material interface with smooth and agile interaction

Hermit’s interface has a modern and user-friendly design, allowing users to quickly adapt to all its functions or layouts on first use. The home page will also be filled with dedicated user content and a sidebar to access many extensions for improved performance. Interface customization is also very rich and extensive, and users can easily change any interaction or function with more personalized and professional elements.

Professional web browser with advanced features

The browser has many impressive improvements that make it one of the best browsers to handle or perform any user action. Not only that, but the ability to protect users is automatic and absolute, promising that all their information or activities will be safe even if they visit any suspicious website. The best part is that it has extensive support and smart AI that automatically forwards most user activity to specific websites.

Experience better versions of native apps

Hermit prides itself on syncing with many native apps on the user’s device, as it always has a lite version of most content. This includes on-site integration or power user access and is perfectly optimized to save device performance. They can also set dedicated websites as favorites on the home page for easy access instead of using more consuming native apps.

Link multiple accounts and organize systems

Users can save multiple accounts to log in or switch between different profiles per session directly on the app. In addition, the browser comes with a built-in sandbox function, which is a professional feature that allows users to freely surf the Internet or work simultaneously without any interruptions. It also provides rich support for users to go deep into the sandbox, use any platform, and even easily switch between accounts.

Multiple windows for excellent multitasking

If users want to be more flexible while using Hermit, then different windows will be good support they need. Sharing windows is also simple, and users can interact with them synchronously to maximize productivity without switching between tabs. Of course, they are free to resize each window for best quality or use popular standards-based browsers’ auto-resize features.

Engaging content built for extraordinary functionality

The content blocker that comes with the app is considered one of the most impressive supports a user needs to access the internet. It uses next-generation protocols to block various external content types such as ads, pornography, and more. Of course, the system will automatically check and display the number of global hosts, so as to help users optimize the system and surf the Internet safely with absolute guarantee.

Hermit is one of the top choices for users who want an excellent, high-quality web browser that comes with many professional systems and is fully optimized. Also, it specifically helps users to save a lot and get better speed by using the Lite version app instead of the Native. Everything has its depth and promises to bring users the best user experience while accessing the internet and more.


Modern and innovative interface with great built-in tools and functions, users can directly interact with everything.
A great web browser with advanced technology and features to optimize user interaction or habits.
Search or set Lite versions of various native apps for a better experience and less performance consumption.
A remarkable sandbox feature to increase user efficiency while accessing the internet or working on multiple platforms.
Customize the in-app content blocker to avoid specific websites or hosts related to selected options for a safer experience.

Fixes issue with Content Blocker lists being enabled/disabled correctly.
Hermit app apk download v22.2.1 (Unlocked)
Download Hermit app apk download v22.2.1 (Unlocked) 

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