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Hempire MOD APK Download V2.17.0

Hempire MOD APK Download V2.17.0
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Hempire MOD APK Download V2.17.0

Hempire hand game is a game developed by LBC game studio yah casual farming class game, this game, you will become a grower, of course, also need to mix some gangster means, the game you can build a raise only read over in their own neighborhood, the game is very playable, and for unlimited gold processing, come and try it!

Hempire hand game game introduction

In most countries in the world, it is illegal to use or grow weed. But in Hempire, which I am about to introduce, you have the opportunity to develop a weed empire and make it available to everyone.

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Hempire Handicap Gameplay

Have you seen the Hempire movie? You are a smart guy and build your business with the main product is weed. Therefore, the goal of this game is very clear: grow your business and research new weed. The first time you play Hempire, you will receive instructions on growing weeds and cultivating them until you can harvest them. You need to find potential customers and make deals with them to expand your empire. They are very simple and intuitive, you just need to read the text on the screen and click on the appropriate function.

With the profits earned, let’s reinvest, buy new seeds and expand the planting area. Soon the production facilities will be big enough, the popularity will increase and many partners will come to cooperate.

Grow your empire

If you are interested in journalism, you probably know that this job is super lucrative. Therefore, many people are afraid to make money. In this game, there are such people too, who are your business competitors. If they are good enough to mass produce at a faster rate, then the young business you are building will soon collapse. Don’t let them have that chance. Grow your empire by working harder to serve your customers and meet their needs in the best possible way.


It’s not enough to be a businessman, let’s take on the role of a PhD in laboratory research as well. hempire offers many customization possibilities. In it, you can research new weed species, including basic types such as Shunk 1, Sativa, Indica, Hindu Kush or Jack Herer. Different combinations will produce different products. They differ in quality, harvest time and the amount of produce that can be harvested in one crop. If you can shorten the time and increase both quantity and quality, no one can compete with you.

Hempire Handicap game content

Build your company

Initially, the system only provides you with a small shed and a planter for growing weeds. So the supply is too small to meet everyone’s needs. When you have money, consider renting a new, larger warehouse. Not only for growing, but also for storing harvested products.

Business Expansion

The weed trade is a lucrative way to make money. However, you need to find more strategies to sell more products in this game. If they do not want to smoke and release smoke, crush the weed and make dishes. Open a grocery store and process cookies, drinks and other fast food. Of course, this place will have a lot of customers!

Become a mogul

Yes, the owner will never make money from a job. When the weed business is big enough, think about other things like investing in other businesses, investing in real estate, or encroaching on buildings to turn a run-down town into a big city. Of course, the design is up to you, and don’t forget to sell weed in the areas where people live.

Hempire handy mod features

Unlimited money/diamonds: you can use them to speed up the building, development or hybridization process in your lab. It can also be exchanged for dollars.

VIP unlocked: Enjoy more privileges to play the game without being bothered by ads.

Hempire hand game review

Just play as a foreign farming game, this kind of thing we this does not work!

Update 2.16.0:
* 4 dank new edibles and concentrates!
* Discord integration, so you can chat with your buds!
* Newsstand improvements—now integrated with gifts and the Hempire Cup!
* Bug fixes! Our new, scent-free formula is safe for indoor use.
* Updated game libraries!

For full Update notes, visit the Cafe in-game! Follow @hempiregame on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, and stay lifted!
Hempire MOD APK Download V2.17.0
Download Hempire MOD APK Download V2.17.0 

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