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Hay Day Mod APK v1.56.119 (Unlimited money, diamonds) Download

Hay Day Mod APK v1.56.119 (Unlimited money, diamonds) Download
  • Updated
  • Version 1.56.119
  • Requirements Android 5.0
  • Developer Supercell
  • Genre Casual
  • Google Play
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Hay Day remains the most popular farming game on mobile today. Hay Day’s gameplay is similar to other fun farming games like Farm City and Green Farm 3. The game makers developed it on a sharp graphics platform with cute characters. This article would like to introduce readers with a short tutorial on how to play Hay Day game on mobile.

Players should note that Hay Day is an online farming game. Your smartphone or tablet requires a 3G connection or a Wi-Fi network to play. Because it is an online game, Hay Day is also smaller than many other farming games. It will not consume a lot of device resources and affect the access speed.

Hay Day farm game is gentle, simple but no less fun, with a variety of crops, animals, homegrown and produce trades. This game is perfect for nature lovers who want to experience the life of a real farmer.

Hay Day

How to play Hay Day?

Egg collection

The first lesson of Hay Day is how to collect eggs. Chickens are also the player’s first friend in Hay Day. This operation is very simple. In the chicken coop, hold down the basket and drag it over each chicken to get eggs. When the chicken is hungry, it will lie on the ground and eat.

Save the chicken food icon and drag it onto each chicken to feed them. In the future, it will have the ability to lay eggs for us to harvest. Initially, the game will give you some chickens. To increase this number, visit the online store in the lower left corner and drag each chicken from the store to the warehouse to buy.

Your farm will welcome visitors on a regular basis. It could be a farmer, a neighbor or a new friend. Click on the characters to see what they have to say. Hay Day’s first guest will ask you to name the farm. By default, the default name is your Game Center username, but you can change it.

Harvesting and buying items

To purchase anything for your farm, from livestock and poultry to barns, fences, trees, buildings, and decorations, you can visit the Hay Day online store in the lower left corner of the game screen.

It limits the number of items in each level. This will unlock higher level others. So if they’re not ready for you to buy, don’t panic. In the lower right corner of the screen is a human icon made up of helpers, friends, and followers. Please connect to your Facebook account to find more friends to play Hay Day.

The bakery is the first item you should buy for your farm. Open the online shop in the house building section, drag the bakery icon to buy the bakery and place it in the appropriate place on the farm. A red location means it doesn’t fit or doesn’t have enough room to place the item.

It must be in the middle of the farm for easy observation and timely harvesting. Click on the toaster icon and drag the cookies into the oven to bake. You need enough oats to do this. Hay Day doesn’t sell seeds like other farming games. Seed count will restore after each level.

Calculate the time of Hay Day according to the correct time. So every planting or baking process takes a few minutes and they force you to wait for it to finish. However, if you don’t want to wait, you can also speed up the process by pressing the lightning bolt icon. Every operation requires diamonds.

Hay Day

Agricultural expansion

Next, buy a feed mill to make food for the animals on your farm. Touch the machine and drag the chicken food icon to process it. You need to spend five minutes at this stage. Chicken feed includes corn and wheat. This will unlock the cow feed from level 6.

Hay Day gives you six plots of land as capital. Touch every piece of land. The seeds are then pulled and sown like wheat and corn. Before long, the seeds will grow and it’s time to harvest. Hold and drag a seed to each block to batch seed.

If you want to expand this farmland, visit the online store to buy each piece of land and drag it to the desired location. After a few minutes, the plant will grow tall and bear fruit for you to harvest. We store the food we harvest in silos for a variety of jobs including livestock food processing, baking and sales-to-order.

Welcome, your second visit to your Hay Day. This beautiful girl wants to buy a loaf of bread, which costs 15 gold coins. It is a retail form of farming. Click “Yes” and you’ll be selling the girl a sandwich in no time. Click No if you don’t want to, or wait a while if you’re not ready.


The farm’s main source of income comes from the trucks that carry cosmic orders. You can click on a vehicle or the message board next to it to see orders for the day. Requests may be available for sale for you. If not, make up as needed.

It will award gold coins and blue star orders representing experience points for you to level up. When enough blue stars are on the level bar, you will level up and be rewarded with coins and diamonds. Leveling up is very important and will help you unlock more new items and earn rewards. To level up quickly, do lots of farming activities like harvesting eggs, growing crops and harvesting, producing food for livestock and poultry, baking bread and buying more items.

To the left of the order on the table is a note with the order name and monetary value. On the right is the order details. You can cancel an order by touching the trash can icon. When the goods are ready, click on the truck icon to sell to the customer and charge the appropriate amount based on the order value.

At the first level, it will give you some small buildings, such as silos, for free. It is a storeroom for harvested grain, including wheat, corn, and other vegetables. The Silo has a default capacity of 50 units of product. You can increase Silo capacity and spend money to expand your inventory by clicking Add Storage below.

Next to the silos are warehouses. It was a warehouse for the synthesis and storage of agricultural products including poultry feed, bread, axes, screws and eggs. The storage capacity is also 50 units. You can increase your warehouse square footage when you press the Increase Storage button and charge.

Tips and Tricks for Hay Day

Planting produce with short harvest times

Rice and corn are the two main agricultural products in the game and have the fastest harvest times. When planting corn, it takes the player five minutes to harvest it, while rice takes only two minutes. You can use the land where you have grown rice. On average, every 50 rice harvests, you will get anything. For corn, although the time is longer, corn produces more value than rice.

It’s simple and effective when you have time online and want to get something fast. However, players must know the storage capacity. To avoid excess storage, use corn and rice wisely to produce animal food, bake cakes or sell them in shops. This approach brings high profits.

Hay Day

Open treasure chest

Chests always contain valuable items. In addition to opening treasure chests in your home, you can also go to neighbors’ houses to find treasure chests. To find chests more easily, go somewhere with low-level items nearby, this will help the opening process go faster. Be careful when turning on the light, as there is a good chance there is a treasure chest there.

To create a locked chest, tap the edge of the screen to load it. Keep looking and try to open the treasure chest. If you fail the first time, try again and it will reward your efforts with something of value.

Use Tom’s Maid

Tom was a quick waiter and was very helpful if we knew how to use him. We will rent this kid for free for a day, so please make the most of this time. Try to find a job that requires a lot of time and money.

If the level is low, ask Tom for tools like a saw, ax or shovel. Use this boy to gain levels if you’re high level, as level bottles are easy to swap and help with building ships. Typically, it takes 8 hours to make a horizontal tank. But thanks to Tom, you’ll be able to get a ninth-order jar someday. After the free period ends, spend 15 diamonds to rent the child for the next 24 hours.

Exchange items with other houses

Talking to friends is a very effective way of getting what you need. Because there will be items you’re missing, but others will be superfluous, and vice versa. There will be extra items that other players need, but you need them. Please exchange these two benefits with friends and get important items to improve your farm. Perhaps it was a fateful encounter that made a beautiful friendship.

To make communication easier, join the Hay Day Hay Day group on Facebook, as many people share your Hay Day hobby. Finding a trading partner will be easier. Through this group, you will also learn a lot of useful game experience and information.

Buy at roadside shop

This last method is very effective, but requires a lot of effort and depends on your luck. Your job is to wait when the announcement is made, then run to the newspaper page and make a quick purchase. If you are lucky, you will buy valuables.

Our evaluation

Hay Day Gameplay

Hay Day is a fun farming game designed to give players the most realistic feeling. The game cleverly combines farming. With various crop and livestock systems and attractive decorations, they help the player feel like a proper farmer.

The game is easy to operate and play, giving players the best entertainment and relaxation. There are also easy-to-follow concrete instructions to approach it. While participating in the game, you will become a qualified farmer. You can garden, grow and sell your crops from the comfort of your truck.

There will be tasks waiting for you to complete every day, and there will be rich rewards after completion. While waiting for the animals and plants to grow, you can spend time decorating and beautifying your farm.

When playing the game, please arrange the most reasonable harvesting time to save time and get the best results. Take a moment to feed your pets, they are waiting for you. The great thing about Hay Day is that you can convert each crop and livestock into other products when harvested, such as eggs for custard, milk for butter cookies.

The game allows players to make friends directly in the game, share game tags with others, or search for players by tags. You can connect to Facebook to connect with friends on the social network.

Hay Day graphics and audio effects

Realistic pictures, well-crafted characters and animal pictures, all kinds of detailed plants depicted in the game are like a peaceful village. Combined with a carefully selected non-verbal music track, it is sure to bring you the best moments of entertainment.

Recommended Hay Day Game Alternatives

FarmVille 2: Village Escape

As the product that sparked Zynga’s foray into mobile, Farmville 2: Country Escape has high hopes from both the developer and the fan base. The game inherits the legendary game formula from its predecessors.

Farmville 2: Country Escape brings to life the simulation of running a farm from a decent living. They base this management on a highly interrelated circulatory system made up of many layers. If you want to have products like milk and flour, you have to go through processes such as farming, planting, transplanting, and processing.

Each stage will have a representative building, animal or plant to help create multiple products. It also divides the finished system into levels that you can combine with initial products to create more diverse and premium types.

Farmville 2: Country Escape’s gameplay is not only about its cohesion, but also about its richness of execution. Players can come into contact with various types of buildings, animals and plants in the game. By processing it, you can turn it into countless different dishes and drinks.

With such wealth, it provides players with the shop and trade mechanics of Farmville 2: Country Escape. Here, players can instantly earn achievements through bonuses and experience points to level up. However, the more you get into the game, the more players there will be limited by the size of your warehouse, and the only way to grow is by turning them into real money.

FarmVille 2 also has many other forms of actual currency, primarily through the use of keys to speed up the production process. This intangible general form limits the freedom and right to expand the farm in Farmville 2: Country Escape, making the player’s experience more restricted than in Farmville. Additionally, the limited number of decorative items partially gives players fewer opportunities to express their individuality.


In farm games, it’s impossible not to mention township. This is a unique game that combines village and city life. We’ll experience farming in the city center, using modern tools to grow crops, raise livestock or deliver goods by helicopter.

The first thing to do is to plant and harvest rice. To do this, first click on an open field, then press and drag the rice crop icon onto the field. Wait for a while until the rice is cooked, touch the paddy field, and then hold down the sickle and drag it to the paddy field. When harvesting, we will get rice equal to the harvest amount and experience value. Also, as we level up, we grow more and more different plants.

Not only farming, you can also raise different kinds of animals while playing this game. The first animals you should raise are cattle. To raise these animals, you need to go to the barn. If you want to feed them, you need to touch and hold a tuft of grass near the cows. When collecting milk, you will receive a bottle of milk. Buy more or keep feeding the cows. This way you get more milk. In this game, when you reach a certain level, you can raise other animals.

In conclusion

In addition to the many buildings available or purchased in the early levels, Hay Day unlocks more buildings in later levels, including a water well, a farm front food stand, and a board activity. There are fun features like chatting with your neighbors, visiting their houses and taking part in the following levels will make the gaming experience richer and more immersive than ever before!

In addition to the features mentioned in the article, Hay Day MOD APK has many other features, you will find more high-level gaming moments. You can find game info and tips on the Hay Day fan page on Google or Facebook.

Plus, finding game info is even easier if you have the Hay Day Fan Wiki app installed on your iOS device. The app will synthesize everything about the game, such as seeds and germination times, machines and how to combine ingredients to make products.

Hay Day Mod APK v1.56.119 (Unlimited money, diamonds) Download
Download Hay Day Mod APK v1.56.119 (Unlimited money, diamonds) Download 

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