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GoPro quik video editor app apk download v10.1

GoPro quik video editor app apk download v10.1
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GoPro quik video editor app apk download v10.1

GoPro Quik is a video editing software that can complete shooting and video editing on the mobile phone. It supports the export of video content in GoPro and the automatic editing of the content, without the need for users to manually process the video content. It completes the editing by automatically clicking, so that users can edit their own file content in a better way. If you are interested, come to appplaystore to download this GoPro Quik!

GoPro Quik function:

1. Wonderful video clips – automatically generated

Turn your videos into shareable videos (formerly QuikStories) in one click. Choose a theme to get cool special effects, transitions and soundtracks.

2. Add photos+videos from anywhere

Easily send your favorite videos from Android devices to Mural via SMS, email or camera album. With Quik, you can always find wonderful moments easily.

3. Rerun the highlights on Mural

Mural is a unique and smooth new way to interact with good times and wonderful video clips. Simply add your favorite photos and videos to Mural, and you can easily review them again and again at any time.

4. Simple and powerful video editing tool

By playing with color and light, cutting video length, reversing video, adding slow motion effects, adding labels and other functions, the video effect can be improved.

5. Amazing new speed regulation tool

Flexibly control the video speed of multiple clips in a short film – super slow, fast or still.

6. High quality theme

Access the growing list of themes (designed by Quik) and use the authentic GoPro theme look.

7. Quik special filter

The special filter that has been optimized for snow, water and other environments can provide ideal adjustment effect.

8. Don’t miss any highlights

Capture outstanding still photos from traditional and MAX 360 degree video images, retain a key frame, and taste the wonderful moment.

9. Add GoPro original music to videos

Use royalty free tracks to automatically synchronize beats for your clips.

10. Share wonderful images anytime

Publish your favorite photos and videos directly to social platforms such as WeChat and Weibo. Or share via SMS or email

Software highlights:

1. Photo editing, featured photo editing, and super multi photo processing tools to present high-quality photos for you

2. Video clip, powerful video clip function, video cutting, variable speed inversion and video suppression

3. Original filters, original filters of various platforms, daily updates and refreshes, with super many effects, and you can choose any style

4. Massive presets, massive network hot adjustment presets, video special effects, one click loading, easy production of online celebrity videos

5. Automatic processing, various automatic processing functions enable you to automatically survive, automatically suppress videos, and make videos faster and more convenient

6. Powerful color mixing, powerful color mixing system, which can freely handle various colors in pictures and create different color atmosphere

7. The audio library and software have a very powerful music library, and the music resources commonly used in various film and television clips should be the only

8. Special effect text, all kinds of special effect text, title text, full texture, high-quality video easy production


Whenever you need to capture and edit videos quickly and professionally on your phone, download GoPro Quik to use. This magical application takes up less space, operates quickly, is easy to understand, and has a simple interface. Video editing is no less than editing on a computer.

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[1] Within your home Wi-Fi network. GoPro subscription required. GoPro subscription available in select territories. Cancel anytime. Visit for info and availability.
GoPro quik video editor app apk download v10.1
Download GoPro quik video editor app apk download v10.1 

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