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Google voice app apk download latest version v2022

Google voice app apk download latest version v2022
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Google voice app apk download latest version v2022

Google voice app can provide you with this free voice call software, which is specially designed for users who need mobile phone voice call software. The software is simple to use, with more intelligent functions. It can make calls and send SMS for free, allowing you to better communicate and chat!

Software features:

  1. The powerful filtering function can automatically filter out some junk files or harassing phones.
  2. Make international calls at competitive rates without paying your mobile operator extra for international call time.
  3. Software can be used across platforms, and data on smartphones and computers are synchronized.
  4. Provides advanced voice mail transcription that you can read in the application and/or send to email.
  5. Google Voice can backup short messages at any time, and query various search records.
  6. Calls made using google voice android can be made using google voice access numbers.

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Software content:

  1. You’re in control: Automatically filter spam and block the numbers you don’t want to hear. Manage your time with personalized settings for forwarding calls, SMS and voicemail.
  2. Backup and search: The phone, SMS and voice mail will be stored and backed up to facilitate your search history.
  3. Manage messages across devices: Send and receive personal and group SMS messages from all your devices.
  4. Your voicemail transcription: Google Voice provides advanced voicemail transcription, which you can read in the app and/or email that has been sent to you.
  5. Save international long-distance calls: Make international calls with your mobile operator without paying extra international minutes.

Software highlights:

  1. The page design is more personalized, but the functions of all software are similar to the dialing function that we use daily.
  2. Voice call software, which can run synchronously on the mobile phone and computer, and can be used for office work at any time.
  3. The software operation method is very convenient, and some intelligent information can also be carried out at the same time.
  4. With the function of filtering junk phone and SMS, it provides you with a comfortable environment. You can set virtual numbers to protect your privacy and call security.

Brief review of software:

It brings you a new communication software, which is carefully created by Google. The software interface design is more user-friendly, but the functions of the entire software are similar to those of our daily dial-up functions. The software is very convenient to use, and users can download it if they need it!

• Stability and performance improvements
Google voice app apk download latest version v2022
Download Google voice app apk download latest version v2022 

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