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Gaode Map app apk download v11

Gaode Map app apk download v11
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Gaode Map app apk download v11

As the latest map navigation software, the Gaode map app allows users to view the latest map app in real-time, locate their location in real-time, navigate travel intelligently, and have rich map content. Please download it to experience it! China’s professional mobile map, more than 700 million users are using! Gaode Map has comprehensive location information, featured voice navigation, and intelligent route planning; Saving traffic, low power consumption, small space occupation, smooth experience, it is your intimate life assistant!

Using Help

1. What is the enlarged view of the intersection?

Answer: The enlarged view of the intersection refers to the highway at the intersection that needs to turn or change lanes during navigation. The map gives an enlarged view of these intersections in advance so that users can judge the driving route accurately.

2. Where can I see real-time road conditions?

Answer: Click the road status icon on the right side of the main map interface, and the traffic light pattern will become colored to view the real-time road status; Among them, red roads are congested, yellow roads are slow, and green roads are smooth.

3. How to cancel the favorite locations displayed on the map?

Answer: Click the first icon on the right side of the main map interface, and uncheck [My Favorites], and the favorite locations will not be displayed on the map.

4. How do set route planning conditions according to requirements?

Answer: Click [Route], and three preference icons of driving, public transportation, and walking can be seen in the upper part. Click on driving, enter the starting place and destination, and then click [Search]. Click [Preference] in the upper right corner of the search results, and you can set congestion avoidance, no expressway, toll avoidance, and tail number restrictions as required.

5. Can passing points be added to the driving route?

Answer: Click the icon with “+” between [My Location] and [Enter End Point] to add a waypoint. Currently, only one waypoint can be added.

6. What is one-click navigation and how to use it?

A: One-click navigation is a shortcut for users to open common starting places. Click [Personal Center] ->[More Functions] ->[Desktop One click Navigation] to create, and then operate according to the prompts. After creation, one-click navigation will appear on the mobile phone desktop, and you only need to click on the desktop to use it.

7. How to share the traffic jams, accidents, and regulations found on the road?

Answer: Open Layer – Road Condition Event (the second round icon on the right of the main interface) to view real-time road condition information. [Congestion Ranking List] can view the ranking of congested road sections in the location and other major cities. [Road Condition Reminder] can broadcast alerts according to real-time road conditions.

8. Why is there no picture prompt when I navigate to the corner?

Answer: The picture prompts that you need to download the enlarged offline intersection. Click [Personal Center] ->[Offline Resources Download] ->[Enlarged Intersection], select the city or province to download, and use it after successful download.

9. Where can I see traffic events?

A: Click the road condition event identifier in the map to view the road condition details.

Gaode Map app function:

1. The driving route supports a user-defined scheme, and my map is my own.

2. The route of the magical situation makes the congestion situation clear at a glance.

3. The map visually displays the electronic eye.

4. The first 100 million map app, the travel choice of Chinese people;

5. The map data has been updated, and thousands of 3D simulation scenes have been added, which are more cool, dazzling, and fun.

6. The bus service will increase the night bus service, and it will be more considerate to travel without taking the subway bus.

Software features:

Map data

-We have worked hard in the field of maps for many years to ensure high accuracy of location, road, and bus data

-The accurate positioning ability has won high praise in the industry

-Offline maps and offline navigation data packages of cities across the country are available for free download, and 90% of traffic can be saved while enjoying accurate data

Nearby information

-Where to eat, where to live, where to relax, where to go high, the wonderful nearby plates will show you around the good places

-You can choose any discount nearby. You can also pay with Alipay, and Gaode Map can experience the whole process of eating, drinking, and having fun

-Where to go at the weekend, carefully recommend entertainment information, and never miss the wonderful life

Intelligent route planning

-Voice search makes it easy to find the route, so you can travel without worry

-Super public transport planning capability and high-quality routes are readily available

-The walking plan is further upgraded, and the whole process of indoor and outdoor planning is to reach the destination directly


-High-quality driving route to avoid congestion in real time

-Whole journey bus navigation, prompt arrival, and transfer, real-time bus, green travel, saving time and effort

-Goddess Lin Zhiling’s voice navigation makes the journey more enjoyable

Thanks for using Google Maps! This release brings bug fixes that improve our product to help you discover new places and navigate to them.

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Gaode Map app apk download v11
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