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FunEasyLearn app download Android mobile version

FunEasyLearn app download Android mobile version
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FunEasyLearn app download Android mobile version

As a curious person, you can’t ignore learning a language. The app helps you improve your studies and learn more different languages. Users will experience many exciting things through the effective and accessible teaching method of this app. Your learning process will be closely monitored and you will be given many engaging exercises to consolidate and remember the lessons learned.

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Support for teaching many different languages of the world

While using this smart learning app, users will be allowed to choose a number of different languages for themselves to learn. In addition to English as a common language, you can also choose to learn more common languages such as Russian, German, Japanese, etc. A solid knowledge base is waiting for you to explore and learn. Users can freely learn multiple different languages at the same time according to their abilities through Learn Languages.

learn lots of new words

The app provides you with tons of vocabulary on different topics and genres. With 26 topics and 157 subtopics, you have a rich vocabulary, and users are free to learn and add more new types of vocabulary. In addition to dividing these words by topic, the app also divides them into many different categories according to word type: Adjectives, Nouns, and Verbs.

Improve your pronunciation

In addition to absorbing many new words, users also learn the most correct and standard pronunciation. It also gives you lots of great tips along with proper reading rules to help you read like a native. Not only that but the app is constantly updated with a collection of different new words for you to hone your knowledge and strengthen your pronunciation.

Multiple grammatical structures

Learning Languages lets users learn many different grammatical sentences and many exciting and interesting topic sentences. Users can also learn more about related topics in their daily life. Grammatical structures are clearly explained with illustrated exercises so you can master them quickly and easily.

Play lots of fun learning games

In order to make your learning more interesting without making users feel bored, this application has produced many lively and interesting mini-games. Users can learn and play comfortably, which is a great help for you to quickly memorize vocabulary and grammar faster and longer. Also, if you do well, you will get many exciting rewards.

Main features

Bringing you a rich and varied vocabulary for learning and expanding your vocabulary.
Support more good tips and rules, and memorize grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation like a native speaker.
You can learn many different languages according to your ability and desire, without being forced.
It brings many exercises that are both educational and entertaining, consolidates knowledge, and creates many exciting and fun mini-games so that users can learn and play at the same time.
The interface is very eye-catching and cute, and the cute and funny pictures make learning interesting for users.

- Added the Daily Challenge: Earn extra flowers and xBees by guessing the word of the day in the language you are learning.
- Added the Alphabet game flow: Learn how to pronounce & write all the letters. Associate them with simple words.
- Added the Hands-free Learning Mode
- Added the Dark Theme
- Improved the "Favourites" feature
New contents, levels & features are added regularly.

Our bee fixes bugs instantly.

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FunEasyLearn app download Android mobile version
Download FunEasyLearn app download Android mobile version 

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