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Flo app apk download v9.15.1

Flo app apk download v9.15.1
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Flo app apk download v9.15.1

Flo uses detailed information and various other tracking tools to help any woman track her menstrual cycle or check pregnancy rates by symptoms. All the information inside it has been developed with the support of experts, so users can confidently find all the useful information inside. Many reports or bulletins also appear regularly to help users identify difficulties or new factors that exist in the series of days that are distressing with the female body.


Elegant and user-friendly interface for quick interaction

Flo’s overview interface is designed to be simple and sophisticated enough to suit a woman’s style, making it easy for everyone to track their progress. Any information or tools are also neatly organized and will keep changing after a period of use based on people’s routines or habits. The many extensions on the home page are also useful and will provide users with the comfort of discovering bookmarks or organizing any effective schedule with daily symptoms.

Start your schedule and track your periods comprehensively

In addition to the attractive interface, users need to start creating a stable plan and track their cycle to be ready for everything. After determining the most recent process, the system will automatically monitor and display a woman’s daily symptoms after her period. Of course, users can stay refreshed with a built-in calendar previewing health forecasts to plan or schedule their work in the most flexible and efficient way.

Report your symptoms to the app for a detailed check-up

The advantage of Flo is that it can help users anytime and anywhere, even in the most secretive moments, to get them out of trouble. At the same time, one can update the body with new symptoms through daily reports, and then the system will filter and display the corresponding results and remedies. This will help stabilize the body or help users prepare for the worse, instead of being lethargic and caught off guard by changes in the menstrual cycle or other problems.

Decode your secretions for more health information

During the important days of a woman’s menstrual cycle, she will discharge large amounts of fluid, and the app will provide more useful information to decipher these states. Each of these secretions is often characterized in different ways, and by observing or studying them, one will learn more about health issues. More types of secretions will be updated regularly, as will many medical issues so that women can always be assured of their health with reliable information.

Calculate the chances of getting pregnant

Flo helps remind or track women’s cycles and helps them calculate pregnancy rates if they want to have a passionate night with their lover. These calculations are reliable but are based entirely on the differences entered by the user since the start of their cycle or time. Various complementary methods are also effective for people to protect themselves and stay healthy or cycle monitoring, with better accuracy and excellent support of the system.

A safe and comfortable place to ask private questions

The app will introduce a more personal community where people come together to discuss issues related to menstruation. All results or questions will be confidential and respondents are enthusiastic and ready to help anyone with any issue related to women’s issues. They will also have the opportunity to meet new people in their respective age groups and spend quality time together in a peaceful and relaxed environment.

Flo is a must-have app for those who are unable to count or lose menstrual cycle milestones and track symptoms of physical instability. Users can also get together and exchange useful knowledge to keep their health stable, even when the worst may happen to them.

Key features

An elegant and beautiful interface that gives users a good start in exploring or navigating the various features that track their menstruation.
Start a new program with a healthy body according to the changes in certain days and months to make sure everything goes smoothly and without any danger.
Report new symptoms to get a detailed report on certain health issues, along with meticulous guidance on getting better.
Take advantage of the opportunity to get pregnant and have a proper sleep plan with your partner without causing unwanted situations.
Join a comfortable and helpful community to exchange more information about menstruation or make new friends on the same page.

Dear Flo community,
This is a technical update which helps us improve our app and make its performance even better.
Thank you for updating!

Always yours,
Flo team

P.S.: If you like our app please don’t hesitate to rate and review us!
Flo app apk download v9.15.1
Download Flo app apk download v9.15.1 

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