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FITAPP fitness apk v7.9.2 Unlocked For Android

FITAPP fitness apk  v7.9.2 Unlocked For Android
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Fit app function introduction:

Fitness options for more than ten million users

Fit – your personal fitness coach, fit at any time and place, and get more shape.

Whether your goal is to reduce fat, increase muscle or shape, Fit can customize your personal fitness and healthy nutrition diet plan according to your fitness foundation and schedule.

Member 0 yuan for one year

– Enjoy the guidance of a professional coach, give you one-on-one training advice, accompany you to progress, and ensure that you can advance effectively and achieve the effect steadily;

– Provide you with customized training plan+nutrition guidance, follow the exercise and eat, develop healthy habits, and harvest ideal good figure;

– Instantly practice popular new courses, punch in super popular, super comprehensive and super efficient * courses anytime and anywhere, and follow the practice more smoothly and brush fat easily;

– During the training process, adjust the difficulty of the training movement at any time to meet the training needs from beginner to advanced, and experience more flexible, with no delay in the effect.

Companion guidance of real coach

– Worried that the action was not done correctly, and worried that the training was not effective? An internationally certified coach will give you one-on-one guidance and give you exclusive advice before and after training, so that you can enjoy your training, build confidence and achieve your training goals efficiently;

– Cooperate with your customized plan arrangement, provide you with targeted feedback adjustment, ensure your online status, save time and effort, and make the effect more obvious;

– WeChat group’s online Q&A, diet+exercise, speaking and practice, easily break through every difficult point;

– The partners in the group will accompany you to practice, stimulate and energize the sports together, double the happiness of sports, and never be alone again.

Customize your training and diet plan

– According to your fitness goals and foundation, adapt to your training schedule, and 100% customize your four-week personal training plan;

– The national dietitian team carefully creates a fat reduction diet plan. Combine with professional sports programs to make you eat thinner;

– Intelligent feedback after training, analysis of training performance and physical fitness, and targeted adjustment of follow-up plans to ensure continuous effect and rapid progress;

– Release your potential, persist in training, and feel significant changes after two weeks.

Massive fitness courses

– More than 1200 fitness courses: including fat reduction HIIT, Tabata, muscle strength, HVIT, yoga, stretching, warm-up, physiological period, post-natal recovery, improvement of sports performance, posture correction, rehabilitation training

– More than 800 training actions: standard video demonstration by Jordan Chen, the fitness instructor of the UnderArmour brand in the United States, and professional coaches;

– The fitness instructor team carefully designed the training courses and reasonably arranged the training steps, which are more suitable for the Chinese physique;

– Courses of different length, matching various fitness scenarios, supporting offline training, and opening training mode anytime and anywhere;

– High-quality multi-position training video, clearly showing the details of movements, easily and comprehensively mastering the essentials of movements, and improving the quality of training;

– Live voice supervision, accompanied by high-quality and excellent training experience.

Top training courses:

1. Fat reduction: Burpee fat reduction training class, HIIT – fat reduction battle, Tabata – yoga pad fat reduction, dumbbell body circulation – fat burning.

2. Abdominal muscle: abdominal muscle tear, Tabata – core big bang, HIIT – abdominal fat burning, core strength training, core advanced fat reduction.

3. Shaping: slim arm shaping, dumbbell chest muscle shaping, barehanded back shaping, peach hip shaping, elastic band hip shaping.

4. Slim leg and hip: hip raising cultivation, HIIT-thin legs, hip leg stretching, and lean leg training.

5. Yoga stretching: beginner yoga stretching, full stretching, night sleep stretching, office relaxation, autumn and winter hand and foot warm yoga.

6. Physiological period and post-natal recovery: physical period systemic circulation exercise, physiological period relaxation, shoulder and neck relaxation, post-natal recovery training – abdominal shaping.

7. Muscle strengthening: quick push-up, dumbbell kylin arm building, dumbbell hip leg shaping, dumbbell chest muscle training.

8. Warm up activation: warm up before aerobic exercise, warm up before anaerobic exercise, warm up before morning exercise, warm up before running.

9. Posture correction: relieve low back pain, round-shoulder and hunchback, and shape swan neck.

10. Improve sports performance: basketball bounce training, sit-ups full score training, long-distance run clearance training.

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Hello, to improve your experience we have removed all anoying advertisements. Additionally, we have increased the app performance. If you like FITAPP please support us and write a review. Stay motivated and keep on tracking!
FITAPP fitness apk  v7.9.2 Unlocked For Android
Download FITAPP fitness apk v7.9.2 Unlocked For Android 

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