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FiLMiC Pro MOD App Apk Download V6.20.5

FiLMiC Pro MOD App Apk Download V6.20.5
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FiLMiC Pro MOD App Apk Download V6.20.5

The latest version of filmic pro is a very popular mobile camera and photography app on mobile phones, and it is also one of the most powerful video recording software on the Android platform. Through this software, users can create unique video effects, built-in very rich video personality themes, reject mediocrity, carefully select background music, edit easily, and directly turn the phone into a professional camera, Turn the automatic settings of mobile phone shooting into manually adjustable settings, and almost all shooting parameters can be adjusted manually.

In addition, filmic pro also has a variety of professional tools, such as audio meter, light and dark distribution map and aspect ratio overlay, this application integrates various functions, using this program FiLMiC pro can create your own Hollywood movies, news Stories, music videos, or travel documentaries. At the same time, users can also add various background music to your video files, as well as video editing functions. If you just want to make your own video files for entertainment, then this software is absolutely enough, and you can make them. Stunning enough. All of its shooting parameters are adjustable, and there are many types of parameters that can be adjusted. In addition, you can also make a beautiful enough video file through it, even if you are not a professional video producer, but through continuous exploration of the software, filmic pro is not a very complicated software, it is very easy to do To get started, friends in need are welcome to download and experience.

Filmic pro official genuine function introduction

1. Dual arc slider controls for adjusting focus and exposure.
2. Real-time analysis suite including zebra stripes, clipping, false color and focus peaking.
3. Tilt and zoom joystick control.
4. White balance adjustment matrix with predefined and custom preset functions.
5, content management system, you can name the project file.
6. Filmic pro synchronization integration stores preset data in the cloud for sharing between devices.
7. Favorite clips.
8. Bulk upload to supported sharing destinations.
9. Gamma curve controls for natural, dynamic, planar and LOG use.
10. Real-time shadow and highlight adjustment.
11. Real-time red, green and blue, saturation and vibrancy adjustment.

Software Features

1. Standard, Manual and Hybrid shooting modes. Users of any level can use it.
2. Vertical (vertical) and horizontal shooting.
3, filmic pro has a variety of fast zoom.
4. High-speed frame rate 60, 120, 240 fps (depending on hardware).
5. Slow motion and fast motion special effects options.
6. Configurable timing shooting recording.
7. Three-mode histogram, including waveform monitor.
8. Adjust video settings (exposure, contrast, saturation, hue, color temperature) after shooting.
9. Customizable saved personal presets.
10. Aspect ratio framing guides overlap.
11. Three-level guidance for dynamic composition.
12. Image stabilization system.

Software Highlights

1. [Photos and videos, you can enjoy anytime, anywhere]
Regardless of the combination of videos and photos, support social networking sites to import your favorite photos or videos.
2. [Featured theme, one second blockbuster is visual sense]
Built-in personalized themes, reject mediocrity, and become unique with one click.
3. [Selected music, leading fashion to hang up the sky]
Carefully selected background music, easy editing, let you walk in the forefront of fashion, you can also add local music by yourself.
4. [massive special effects, unlimited creativity and high value]
Classic retro filters, once you have them, don’t ask for anything else, creative cool special effects, superimposed at will; all kinds of magic stickers, you can play how you want to play; the first dynamic text, the text can also become taller.
5. [Professional editing, easy to use and real temperament]
Edit, copy, rotate, delete, and easily become a video editing master.

Software advantage

1. Using the captured works and pictures to make a sound, you can get a more professional communication experience.
2. Filmic pro will update new information content every day for you to read, so as to better feel the charm of shooting.
3. There are a lot of interesting photography and videos, which give users a good space for communication of interests.
4. Communicate with more photography masters and experts to gain a lot of photography skills to help you take pictures.
5. Get better photography content sharing and get a lot of material resources.
6. Enjoy high-quality photography, pay attention to high-quality photography users, and will not miss it.
7. Let users have more content to appreciate high-quality photography works, which can help you capture more inspiration.

* Several fixes.
FiLMiC Pro MOD App Apk Download V6.20.5
Download FiLMiC Pro MOD App Apk Download V6.20.5 

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