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EWA app apk download v7.20.0 (Premium Unlocked)

EWA app apk download v7.20.0 (Premium Unlocked)
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EWA app apk download v7.20.0

Let’s say you’ve been studying English and Spanish forever and haven’t improved. Come to EWA. Learn English and Spanish; all your obstacles and difficulties will disappear without a trace. I can say this because it is very famous and very successful in applying new and effective learning methods. You will learn grammar by topic through popular TV series and the opportunity to talk with the characters.


The opportunity to have a different online course

When you step into the world of EWA, you will be surprised by the unique and one-of-a-kind online courses. We currently have a large selection of courses for you to choose from and explore based on your individual needs and interests. Specifically, the following courses are available. Beginner, Highly Skilled, …… In addition, you will be exposed to advanced English, English for Travel, Business English, Grammar, and other specialties.

Fall in love with the unique library

More than that, EWA’s library is always appreciated compared to other language-learning apps. It provides users with over 1,000 books in English and Spanish on a variety of topics. They give users the freedom to immerse themselves in a labyrinth of books and documents, immersing themselves in them and giving them their full attention. You can pick any of the books and start flipping through them. The number of documents in the archive is constantly growing and being updated every day.

Find new vocabulary quickly

During the reading process, you will absorb a lot of new social knowledge and, many times, even completely unfamiliar vocabulary. But this is not a problem for this application, because it allows you to bookmark the word or touch it to make a dictionary search. Or you can even add the word to your vocabulary with just one click.

Improve pronunciation with audiobooks

Pronunciation problems in foreign languages have always caused some difficulties for foreigners. Therefore, in addition to written books, this application also offers audiobooks. Your job is to listen to the sounds produced and repeat each one as accurately as possible. If this is repeated every day, the learner’s pronunciation will definitely improve. Not only that, EWA also has the ability to recognize the learner’s voice and correct your mistakes if you are not doing well.

Collect vocabulary with memory cards

Vocabulary is definitely an ace in the hole when it comes to learning a foreign language if you want to listen and speak well. Take a few minutes out of your day to strengthen and supplement your vocabulary with a collection of memory cards. Why do we provide memory cards for learners to learn vocabulary? Because it is proven that images will help you remember knowledge much longer than simply writing it. Specifically, you have access to over 40,000 memory cards that are repeated differently by distance.

The opportunity to talk only with popular personalities

Have you ever wished you could chat face-to-face with celebrities? EWA will make your dreams come true by offering celebrity conversations. We will connect you with characters from popular movies and reality TV shows. This includes Bruce Willis, Jackie Chan, The Terminator, and many more who will help you make great strides in learning a new language.

Daily practice makes learning easy! Start your day with learning EWA!
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EWA app apk download v7.20.0 (Premium Unlocked)
Download EWA app apk download v7.20.0 (Premium Unlocked) 

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