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Evernote Premium MOD APK V10.44.1 For Android

Evernote Premium MOD APK V10.44.1 For Android
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Evernote Premium MOD APK V10.44.1 For Android

Evernote is arguably the application that almost every computer user should know. It is a cross-platform note-taking application. Now there are also mobile clients for cell phones, such as Windows mobile phones, Android phones, iPhones, or Nokia smartphones, etc. EverNote allows you to take notes anywhere, browse previous notes, and in addition to the usual text notes, you can also create audio notes, upload files, or take screenshots. The most attractive feature is EverNote’s image recognition, where text in images can be searched. However, there is only one limitation: the monthly traffic limit.

Software Description.

Impressions Notes is a world-renowned efficiency software and knowledge management tool. As your second brain, Impression Notes can help you simplify your work, study, and life. You can seamlessly synchronize your daily insights, inspirations, and thoughts across multiple devices and platforms, such as cell phones, computers, tablets, and web pages. It is a one-stop solution for collecting and backing up knowledge and information, recording, sharing, synchronizing, and saving forever. “An elephant never forgets”.

Software features.

With Evernote, you can

– Take meeting notes, work plans, and study notes efficiently

– Make shopping lists, to-do lists, and wish lists for 2019

– Bookmark wonderful WeChat articles, Weibo, and web content with one click

– Save PDF/Office/Picture/Audio/Web and other common formats in one place

– Use the scanning function to digitally save books, invoices, business cards, etc. as notes

– Share notes to share knowledge with friends/team

More tips for you to explore

– Set password lock to enhance the privacy of your notes;

– Long press the elephant icon to open shorthand/record/photo and search function;

– Follow “My Impression Notes” or “Impression Notes;

Upgrade Impressions Premium Account to unlock more powerful features;

– Sync all your devices without any restriction

– 10GB upload traffic per month

Product Function

Multi-end sync

– Multi-platform synchronization for mobile, tablet, computer, web, etc.

– Knowledge information is permanently saved and can be viewed anywhere, anytime

Information Collection

– Take photos and scan books, papers, boards, business cards, etc. to digitally save information

– Centralized collection of quality content from WeChat, Weibo, etc.

– Use Impression Notes-Cut to cut and hide web content

Efficient Recording

– Use notebook groups and tags to create an exclusive knowledge base

– Apply note templates with one click to improve recording efficiency

Sharing and Collaboration

– Share notes with friends through WeChat, Weibo, etc.

– Share notes and notebooks with your team to share knowledge and collaborate efficiently

– Workgroup chat to help teams discuss around notes and quickly advance projects

Task List

– Turn knowledge information into action, so that knowledge can generate more value

– Create lists to manage your to-do list conveniently and stay focused and efficient

– “Today/next 7 days/completed/to be organized” view to help you manage your time

Product Highlights.

1. Collect everything easily

Whether it’s a drop of inspiration, a to-do list, meeting notes, project information, or high-value articles, you can save everything with Impression Notes. Notes are automatically synced to all devices: phone, computer, tablet, and multi-device with one click!

2, Organize information in an orderly way

From the text, images, recordings, and lists to web pages, mind maps, documents, and attachments, it supports rich file formats to help you save properly. With the intelligent search function, text, pictures, and even text in attachments can be quickly locked.

3. Quick collaboration and sharing

You can share notes with one click without jumping out of the app, easily manage projects, share information, discuss in real-time, and reach collaboration goals efficiently.

Update content.

Experience and performance optimization

– My page is optimized and upgraded.

– Solve some known problems and enhance the stability of the app.

- Automatically create tasks inside a note by typing "()" then a task description.
- Clip notes without opening the app for faster, more reliable sync.
- Setting due dates for your tasks is now one click quicker, since we added "today" and "tomorrow" options in the task details window.
Evernote Premium MOD APK V10.44.1 For Android
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