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ePSXe app mod apk download for Android v2.0

ePSXe app mod apk download for Android v2.0
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ePSXe app mod apk download for Android v2.0

epsxe allows you to play many interesting games on your mobile phone. Each of the games here is extremely sophisticated. You can download the games you are interested in to play at will. Epsxe plays games smoothly. You can enjoy playing Psp games on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. For those who like to play games on their mobile phones, this software should not be missed!

Features of epsxe:

  • 1. The software compatibility is very strong, providing you with the most original game operation.
  • 2. There is no image and sound delay, so you can experience the original game and feel the fun of the game.
  • 3. All host games can be simulated with software, and the simulation quality is very high.
  • 4. The powerful screen performance allows you to use the accelerator card to improve the game frame rate for every game you play.

Highlights of epsxe:

  • 1. This simulator can provide you with powerful simulation services, so that you can enjoy the game.
  • 2. There are no restrictions, so you can directly import the game into the current software to play.
  • 3. With different function settings, you can customize all operation settings of the software to provide you with comfortable operation.
  • 4. You can freely access the game archive records, allowing you to close the game archive records anytime and anywhere without worrying about losing them.

Epsxe evaluation:

The epsxe emulator is an Android host emulator, which allows you to use the software to start your own game journey. High quality simulation operation. Every game is a perfect simulation, without delay or restriction. You can directly import the game into the current software to start playing. You can close the game anytime and anywhere to save the record without worrying about losing it. You can download it if you like.


EPSXe (Enhanced PSX Simulator) is a PlayStation video game console simulator for x86 based PC hardware, Microsoft Windows or Linux, and devices running Android. Note: At present, this software package is still in its early stage. One of the most notable known problems is that sound may only be applied to the main sound device on the computer.

ePSXe can run most PlayStation games with some accuracy. Few games can run perfectly without extensive configuration and error testing. If the game is not running successfully, you can use the patch written for the problem game, although few games have available patches.

Fixed a bug touchscreen bug when pressing 4 buttons together
Improved Dynamic Pad modes with static start position and adjusting pad position
Added image overlay to screen support in 4:3 mode
Added pause on menu open support - enable in preferences
Disable magnifying button effect when using a custom gamepad skin
Fixed crashes when connecting/disconning some gamepads on gameplay
Added flag to permit to capture audio for third party app from Android Pie
And so on.
ePSXe app mod apk download for Android v2.0
Download ePSXe app mod apk download for Android v2.0 

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