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ELSA learn english speaking mod apk download v6.9.4

ELSA learn english speaking mod apk download v6.9.4
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ELSA learn english speaking mod apk download v6.9.4

The elsa speak app is a very famous online oral English education platform. It gathers English learners from many countries around the world. You can exchange your oral English learning experience together at ordinary times. At the same time, the learning resources on the software are also very rich. No matter you need to work or take the professional English test, you may learn a lot of new knowledge here.

About elsa speak:

Elsa Speak Mod is an English learning application that helps you speak English confidently and clearly with your pronunciation and vocabulary. More than 10 million students and staff from more than 130 countries use the ELSA award-winning AI speech recognition technology to learn spoken English.

Elsa speak function:

Learn the necessary English conversations and phrases before you plan or travel.

Learn English for IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and even ESL courses.

Practice English related to your professional field, improve your career and speak fluent English.

Elsa speak app features:

Game and speech challenges

Practice English conversation through interesting language games, including core English skills, such as pronunciation, grammar, word stress, rhythm, intonation, listening and conversation.

Find out your speaking ability and score

Attend a voice test written by a world-class expert and receive a detailed report on your pronunciation strengths and weaknesses. It’s easy to learn a new language if you know what to focus on.

Learn how to pronounce all English sounds effectively.

Become bilingual quickly

Learn English quickly through AI speech coaches. Our AI will choose the simplest courses to help you sound like a native speaker and improve your English accent.

From more than 1600 class exercises, covering all English pronunciation and more than 40 topics, from travel tips to job interviews, you can explore.

Use the ELSA English Dictionary to find words and practice speaking. You can see your comparison with native speakers and receive feedback to improve yourself.

Elsa speak advantages:

Compare your voice with the English accent of a native speaker.

Receive guidance on how to correct yourself.

Other sounds are fed back through IPA through the advanced feedback function.

Watch a video that tells you how to make these challenging sounds.

The secret to mastering bilingualism is to practice a little and get meaningful feedback in the process.

We are launching an exciting updates with this version. We are adding a new game to let you practice linkage of different sounds! This will improve your speaking fluency and helps you sound more natural. Give it a try!
ELSA learn english speaking mod apk download v6.9.4
Download ELSA learn english speaking mod apk download v6.9.4 

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