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Easy Pose app apk download v1.5.60

Easy Pose app apk download v1.5.60
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Easy Pose app apk download v1.5.60

Are you having trouble creating human poses while drawing? Easy Pose hopes to answer this question for users, and you will see many functions in this tool. This application helps you create body poses for 3D drawings and even other artistic drawings. The main purpose of this application is to create flexibility and softness in the character we are creating. The app is constantly being updated and adding a range of other attractive features.

Easy Pose


The app will provide you with a range of simple sketching tools to help you get the best of your abilities. You can freely manipulate the sketch tool very easily. Users will rely on their own inherent sketches to create impressions and quickly complete the drawing within a certain time. The app will update this outline with more features so users can see all the highlights.

Come up with new ideas

The app will give you a brilliant idea that you can rely on to build your own. Or you can also have the opportunity to express yourself in the application, and the application will guide you in the safest and most reasonable direction from there.

Extensive archives of projects

The app will show you an extensive and modern archive with many different topics. You can rely on the templates provided in the catalog to design one of your own special characters. Current ideas in the catalog are always in focus and promise to bring you a great experience.

Modern Posture Tools

The app is known for its main role of providing new ideas to help you create modern poses for your drawings. The modern 3D look and impressive sculpt will make the character more awesome and unique than ever. More specifically, individual postures will also be most flexibly applied and used.

Design your own look

The app allows you to use the models updated by the app or create your own. A personal touch will help archive and add new points to this application. You should also know how to utilize more charms by creating many unique and weird features in this posing app.

Flexible control

Once you’re done with creating a new pose or pose for your character, the app will give you the appropriate context. The scene will be realistic and your character can be flexibly controlled. This kind of control is of great help to the work, and it also brings new ideas to this application.

Additional edits

There are new additions to the app, which will include corrections and suggestions. Users can use the app to check the quality and report bugs, creating an excellent impression of the character image. Adding and editing will help users quickly complete the drawing and have new ideas for the next character.

The application always wants to create a dynamic working environment for you in order to offer you unique proposals. This suggestion could be in the section that provides ideas to build your own special character. Or you can apply new ideas in the character’s pose. Suggestions are always what the app responds to, promising better suggestions to meet your needs.

Adjust lighting

The app makes additional lighting adjustments to characters and backgrounds to bring them into focus. The app is always creating something new for you by adding unique adjustment boxes that you can rely on to adjust the colors of your characters as well as your scenes to best fit.

Main features

Provides you with various tools to help you pose your body in the drawing.
You can freely design the unique shape of your own character and add characters according to your own purpose.
Suggestions are given to your own images, allowing you to choose to suit your own needs.
Design your own poses to create memorable impressions and include them in the app’s collection of poses.
Flexible control every movement and pose on the character image; choose the editing function to complete your work.

Fixed other bug
Easy Pose app apk download v1.5.60
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