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Dynamic Spot Mod App Download V3.1

Dynamic Spot Mod App Download V3.1
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Dynamic Spot Mod App Download V3.1

dynamic Spot is an official Android dynamic island software, compatible with most of the Android models, can imitate the Apple iPhone 14 Pro iOS 16 “dynamic island” function design, free, and a high degree of restoration, and custom gesture control, provide song connection, timer, battery status It also provides customizable gesture control, song connection, timer, battery status, etc. to make your phone run smoother and more convenient.

Software features

1. Through this software, we can see the latest information in real time every day to help us know the latest situation of Lingdong Island at the first time.

2. For the size of Lingdong Island, this software can also adjust itself by setting different widths and heights by your preference.

3. For frequent daily use such as charging, we can add it to Ling Dao and remind it at a fixed time every day.

4. After downloading and installing this software, the essence of our system will not change, but LingDao appears on the top of our system.

Software advantages

1. As the latest resource plug-in, it has almost the same functional experience as iPhone 14’s LingDao, which shows the developer’s craftsmanship.

2. There are a lot of powerful functional experiences in the software, which can meet our different requirements for using the phone and is very friendly to all kinds of people.

3. When we travel, we can also use this software to help us make a travel route and show it in the form of plug-ins.

4. The location of Lingdong Island is usually fixed at the top of the phone, but if users don’t like it, they can freely drag and drop it, only through this software.

Software Introduction

1. With dynamicSpot, users can easily get the iPhone 14 Pro’s Lingdong Island feature on their devices.

2、This makes it easier to get recent notifications or phone status changes. Simply tap the small black pop-up to open the displayed application, and long press the pop-up to expand and view more details.

3, iPhone’s Spiritual Island is not customizable, but dynamicSpot is, including changing the interaction settings, choosing when to show or hide pop-ups or which apps should appear.

4. dynamicSpot displays various types of information and controls to the user, including now playing, timers and other system-wide alerts, such as AirPods connectivity.

You can now show images from notifications directly in the popup and use custom colors for the popup!

Added new interaction settings to hide the popup or clear the notification.

• Custom color
• Show images
• App name auto color
• Music popup optimized
• Interaction settings
• Translations updated
• Fixes & optimizations
Dynamic Spot Mod App Download V3.1
Download Dynamic Spot Mod App Download V3.1 

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