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Drop the Number APP download v2.0.6 Unlocked

Drop the Number APP download v2.0.6 Unlocked
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Drop the Number APP download v2.0.6 Unlocked

If you are tired of horror or fighting games, Drop The Number™ is the right game for you to exercise your brain. It seems simple, but if you are not careful, you will be “dumbfounded”. You’ll find that two numbers that are close to each other and have the same value can merge, creating a larger number, and repeat this throughout the game. Don’t just move numbers around, figure out what to do next so you don’t get stuck behind.

Drop the Number

Complete the creation of digital blocks with greater value

A blackboard full of colorful numbers will be your challenge in this game. Drop The Number™ will display the number and make sure you know what you need to do to pass it. You have to calculate your next move to make sure you can take more steps without getting stuck. The numbers will clearly show the value, which means that when you combine two numbers with the same value, you will know the next block of numbers.

Brain exercise extreme

This will be a fun idle game that will help you exercise your brain and help increase your patience like never before. Drop The Number™ takes quite a while to complete the challenge because the game has no limits. Just play and beat your previous records to get even more brilliant new scores. This game does not count the time in the process, it needs to count the steps carefully.

Clearly display scores and rankings

When you join the game, there will be no major problems, because every time you break two adjacent squares, we will announce the result. Every time you match two numbers, your score will increase step by step. Depending on the value of that number, it will give you a different high or low score. Note that the lower the number, the lower your score. Your ranking will be announced directly on the gold medal table with the corresponding results.

Vibrate when matching two corresponding blocks

When you match the corresponding squares, the player will quickly realize if they have gained more points due to the vibration. When you successfully match the blocks, the points will increase, followed by the vibration or sound of the game. When it comes to Drop The Number™, the player must very rationally arrange the next move of the number. When the screen is full of numbers, the game ends and there is no next game.

Beautiful and modern graphics

You won’t be able to ignore this game, it has many unique features and most importantly, the gameplay is simple. Thanks to the simple gameplay, any age or gender can experience the game. Moreover, the game is loved by many young people with its beautiful and modern interface and is included in the list of stress-relieving games. For colored numbers, the value of each number will correspond to a different color.

Play anytime anywhere

There’s no reason to miss out on a game as good as Drop The Number™. It is easy to understand from the gameplay, interface to game operation. You can take it wherever you want with this game because it works offline. Play anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection.

Main feature:

A colored number will appear on the screen; it shows enough value and indicates the next block you need to do.
Since this game has no end, this game provides intense brain training with increasing patience.
The result and ranking are clearly displayed on the gold medal after each failure when you cannot proceed to the next step.
When you match two corresponding numbers, a sound will play and the device will vibrate.
The interface is beautiful, the gameplay is simple, and it can be operated without networking, so it is loved by many people.

Drop the Number APP download v2.0.6 Unlocked
Download Drop the Number APP download v2.0.6 Unlocked 

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