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Dragon Raja MOD APK v1.0.234 (Unlimited Money/Gems) Download

Dragon Raja MOD APK v1.0.234 (Unlimited Money/Gems) Download
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Dragon Raja is a large-scale MMORPG mobile game adapted from the novel Dragon Raja. The mysterious first-generation species once again opened the time rift and launched a full-scale attack on the Dragon Clan, and time-space fluctuation signals appeared in many places. The school needs to gather elites to resist the attack of the first-generation species, become a hero, and defeat the first-generation species.

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Dragon Raja Game Features

  • You are free to explore this vibrant world with a day and night cycle of cloudy and sunny days!
  • The cycle of seasons and realistic lighting and shadow effects make you feel like you are in the real world!
  • A multi-dimensional character customization system for all your character appearance needs.
  • The uniqueness of game characters can be defined by their different reactions to events.

Dragon Raja Game Highlights

  • Choose from thousands of visual style combinations, trendy, cute, sexy and more!
  • Experience unprecedented levels created by a highly realistic and smooth engine in a real-time combat system.
  • Support up to 100 players to fight in the gorgeous PvP field at the same time, and find a sense of fighting with different masters~
  • This game supports global BOSS cross-server battles, allowing different players to participate.

Gaming strategy

PvP is the main feature of Dragon Raja. While gear can explain a character’s power, it doesn’t tell the whole story. The PvP system puts a lot of emphasis on player skill, requiring reaction time to dodge and target skills and spells. While most of the world is a free PVP map, there are penalties for PvPing in some maps.

NK towns and some lower level player areas are not free PVP maps. When players attack another player in these designated maps, they can accumulate penalty points called NK. When a player dies with enough NK, they may drop items from their inventory.

The war is played multiple times a day, and the 3 nations of Dragon Raja will start a game of invasion and defense! There is no limit to who can join the war, and all players are free to help their country successfully win the war. Winning can be accomplished in two ways, destroying as many survivals as enemy shelter stones until the time limit with the most shelter stones standing (in the event of a tie, the nation with the most war points wins).

Castle Wars The conflict between Zypern and Vyseus has centuries of feud. Castle Wars is a battle of conquest between two nations competing for territory. Every castle war has the winner defending the territory and the other trying to conquer it. The mercenary nation Yllse is free to join Zypern or Vyseus.

Dungeon Quests Several times a week, Dungeon Quests activate. These dungeons hold legendary treasures, but it is very dangerous to venture into them. These events are spread all over the world, so all nations can work together to claim the treasure!

The threat of monster war wild is always there. Sometimes they become such a huge threat that national wars must be stopped to solve the larger problem at hand. Monster War is exactly this war where all 3 nations unite to repel the monster invasion.

Player review

  1. The saturation of the characters is very high, both the display of skills and the fluency of the characters are very full.
  2. You can create your own character and personality in the free face pinching game, and there are many details of pinching the face.
  3. There is also a large-scale social gameplay, where npcs can interact, and friends can also communicate by voice.
Dragon Raja MOD APK v1.0.234 (Unlimited Money/Gems) Download
Download Dragon Raja MOD APK v1.0.234 (Unlimited Money/Gems) Download 

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