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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Apk Download Latest 4.4

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Apk Download Latest  4.4
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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 4.4 android download

Disney Pictures is the only major Hollywood company that has not been traded to date. The Walt Disney Company, named after its early founder Walt Disney, is a large multinational corporation based in the United States. In the 1930s and 1940s, it relied on Mickey Mouse to get its start, and in the 1940s, it ventured into the field of live-action films, and after acquiring the independent film industry giant Miramax and the 3D animation juggernaut Pixar, Disney has consolidated its As the top film company position.

Game Guide

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is a game based on the famous animation, which has a high degree of freedom, and the handsome figure and powerful ability of the superheroes is also a great attraction. In the game, you will be able to control these heroes battle, let them acquire skills, build your Disney hero world.

Mobile game features

1, the style of painting on the cute, American-style cartoon character prototype design, plot content are quite satisfied

2, rich character collection, unique attributes characteristics, full of fun game experience

3, the Disney family out of the lineup, free lineup at your leisure to choose, 5 V5 instant war and you join

4, in addition to single-player games can also be multiplayer online battles, play different camps to compete with each other

Editor’s comment

1, “Disney heroes battle mode” is a Disney heroes as the theme of the creation of a cartoon style adventure RPG, the game is about the story of Disney heroes chaos, in this work, players can collect all the classic Disney animation cartoon heroes, they will form their own adventure team, into the battle, rich character personality and skills, full of challenging adventure levels Will bring you endless fun

2、Disney heroes battle mode is a collection of many Disney heroes role-playing games, in Disney heroes battle mode, with the traditional Disney battle classic gameplay, rich and exciting game way for players to present a superb battle story, excellent game play is worth looking forward to

3, Disney heroes battle mode is a card battle class hand game, the game to Disney cartoon as the theme, fresh and beautiful Disney cartoon style for players to bring a new visual experience, the game players will collect to build their own battle team, and start the battle journey, fully automatic battle to free your hands, love Disney animation you, how can miss it!

4, Disney hero battle mode is a cartoon style hero battle game, the game players can play a variety of Disney hero characters, to carry out this dream exciting hero role journey. In the collection of more than 70 heroes can be teamed up to complete the mission and task of saving the world, interested players hurry to download the experience it!

5, the picture is really great! After all, it is a Disney production, can not smash the sign of their own animation. The game characters are very restored animation characters, praise


• New! Quasimodo from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame! • Bug fixes and game improvements!
Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Apk Download Latest  4.4
Download Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Apk Download Latest 4.4 
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