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Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! v2.90 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! v2.90 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download
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Fans of the famous Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! puzzle-adventure game will be even more impressed now that the game has launched on the Android platform with upgraded graphics and gameplay. Dive into an exciting experience whenever you want and take part in hundreds of thrilling treasure hunts.

If interested, now you can play as a brave treasure hunter in the fun adventure of Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! Overcome different levels with hundreds of different missions and puzzles. Calculate your moves and exit levels with unique settings and gameplay.

Find out more about Bounce Global’s great mobile game with our full review.

Diamond Quest

Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! Story/Game

If you don’t already know, Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! is considered one of the most addictive and fun mobile games, back when smartphones were nothing. Diamond Quest’s exhilarating gameplay has enthralled players for hundreds of hours of thrilling, fun, thrilling and thrilling gameplay when all you have is a tiny screen with physical buttons.

An updated version of the game is available on the Android platform, car gamers will enjoy action, adventure and cool puzzle games at their best. Plus, with intuitive touchscreen controls and upgraded visual elements, Android gamers will experience this great mobile game.

Android gamers will find adventure and exciting quests to find the most precious treasures from the most sacred and unexplored wonders of the world. Revel in an epic adventure of the temples of Angkor Wat swallowed by the jungle. Explore thrilling dungeon levels in a Bavarian castle. Or search for hidden treasures in the frozen caves of Tibet.

Join our treasure hunters in search of diamonds, jewelry and more valuable items. Take on the absolute challenge of traversing a vast forest filled with dangerous predators. Explore dark caves while avoiding death traps. The list goes on. Take your time, think carefully and you might pass the challenge.

Diamond Quest

Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! Game Features

Here are all the exciting features this game has to offer:

Simple but very addictive mbile game

First, Android gamers in this game will experience easy-to-follow puzzle-solving and adventure gameplay. This lets you quickly engage in incredible mobile gaming. In addition, the upgraded touch controls will make movement and interaction smoother and more comfortable. This makes the awesome Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! mobile game even more comfortable. And that’s not the only thing this game has to offer, with levels of interaction you’ll enjoy this highly addictive mobile puzzle experience more and more as you progress through the game.

Countless pitfalls and obstacles to overcome

In the Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! game, Android players will be threatened by various traps and evil obstacles on their way. Take on an extraordinary game of puzzles and adventures, for which you will have to face snakes, turtles, monkeys, bombs, rocks and various challenging traps. In extreme conditions, you’ll dive into endless waters, carve a path through dense forests, and more. All of these will make the overall gameplay of “Diamond Quest” more exciting and interesting.

Respawn at checkpoints to save time

To get rid of the stressful experience of having to replay an entire level, Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! now offers a handy checkpoint to easily save your current run. So the next time you find your character killed by falling rocks, attacking snakes, or fire, you’ll be resurrected at the current checkpoint, which will make for a more comfortable gaming experience. Never waste time and effort to get to where you are now by going through all previous level stages.

Hundreds of exciting levels to overcome

If interested, now you can enjoy the great gameplay of Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! with hundreds of cool levels, each with its own unique setting, with quests and obstacles for you to complete. Experience a fantastic puzzle and adventure mobile game as you reach puzzling levels and have fun in exhilarating levels. In addition, in order to make the overall gameplay of Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! better and more fun, this game also provides difficulty upgrades for each level. So you’ll never find a game that’s too easy or too difficult.

Diamond Quest

Face evil bosses as you level up

To make the exciting levels of the Diamond Quest game even more interesting, you’ll also fight against evil enemy bosses and experience exciting gameplay with each of them. Also, very difficult bosses make the game even more enjoyable. Be vigilant and calculate your every move to avoid enemy attacks.

Collect and use mysterious tools in Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush!

While you’re immersed in the game’s exciting levels and challenges, Android players have access to these tools in Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush!, which will make the whole experience more fun and entertaining. Enjoy walking through walls with the Mystic Hammer, connecting objects and dragging them towards you, or freezing entire structures with the Freezing Hammer. All content can be collected after completing the main arc.

Massive hidden prizes are waiting for you to claim

To make the game even more fun, Android players in Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! now have access to a number of cool prizes and bonuses that they can earn while in the game. These are usually hidden or inaccessible items until you get the mystery tool. So feel free to go back to one of your previous levels and get back to enjoying the game.

Enjoy gaming without internet

Plus, now you can enjoy Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! on your phone completely offline. The game provides all Android users with fast and accessible gameplay without activating their mobile data.

Play for free

Despite all these features, Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! Android gamers can still play the game for free from the Google Play Store. Download and install games as you like without paying anything.

Enjoy unblocked games on our website

In free play, however, you’re limited by your character’s developmental energies. This energy slowly drains as you move through the level, making the whole experience less enjoyable. Therefore, you may wish to play a modified version of the game on our website, which offers unlimited in-game purchases and an ad-free experience.

Now you can get unlimited energy and unlock all available content. Just download Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! Mod APK on our website, follow the given guide, and you can start enjoying the game.

Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! Visual and Audio Quality


Fans of the classic Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! will enjoy an updated and updated visual experience in a new adaptation on the Android platform. Exquisite visual elements and smooth animations make the overall treasure hunt puzzle game more exciting and interesting.

Also, if you’re interested in the friendly and cartoonish art style of games like Bomber Friends or Homescapes, the new game from Bounce Global offers a similar gaming experience for you to enjoy. Here you will find beautiful graphics in the game.

Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! Audio and Music

In addition to engaging graphics, Android players in Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! will also enjoy powerful and engaging sound effects throughout the game. Apart from that, the catchy soundtrack will keep you hooked for hours on end with exciting moving levels.

In conclusion

If you’re interested in classic side-scrolling action and puzzle-solving challenges, Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! is sure to be one of the best games for you to experience. Now that the game is available in both free and unlocked versions on our website, you’ll have even more reasons to enjoy it.

- Add Pyramid chapter
- Total 92 levels in 7 chapters
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Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! v2.90 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download
Download Diamond Quest: Don’t Rush! v2.90 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download 

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