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Dead Target MOD APK v4.99.0 (All Guns Unlocked) Download

Dead Target MOD APK v4.99.0 (All Guns Unlocked) Download
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Grab your gun and let’s join other shooters in this addictive epic shooting challenge where you will have a chance to defeat many zombies with your shooting skills. Enjoy the epic 3D shooter – Dead Target and take part in exciting shooting challenges.

Finds you fighting alongside millions of online gamers around the world, helping each other fight off spawning zombies to prevent them from taking over the world. Fight for the society, fight for your survival and stay vigilant in this thrilling shooting game.

Learn more about this wonderful game from VNG GAME STUDIOS with our review.

Dead Target

Dead Target Story

The game takes place in the year 2040, when the devastating Second World War has engulfed humanity. Due to the unexpected scale of the war, life on this planet was completely changed. People fled their homes just to be safe, fear and dread filled the land. Countries began to send weapons of destruction to one region after another. Fighting has increased, especially on borders between nations.

As a result, the country’s borders have become so chaotic that not many people can set foot in the dead zone. But little do they know that, as war rages, a dangerous virus is being unleashed near their country’s borders. They quickly devoured the last survivors on the land and continued to expand to other lands.

In order to prevent the extinction of human beings, human beings unite against zombies. However, can they withstand the onslaught of powerful and vicious zombies? it’s up to you. Join millions of online gamers, take up arms and join the epic zombie shooting challenge. The fate of humanity is in your hands.

Dead Target Game Features

Here you will find all the exciting features this game has to offer:

Survive the post-apocalyptic world and join the epic shooting challenge

Put yourself in a shooting challenge where you have no choice but to win. If you lose, the whole world will be wiped out by zombies. Take up arms and prepare yourself before a horde of zombies floods your city. Defeat them with powerful guns and accurate shooting skills. Be very effective and stay alert so you can outwit the evil zombies.

dead target

Different zombies with unique abilities to test your skills

The game introduces the player to the zombie system, where you have to deal with various types of zombies. Face different types of zombies of all shapes and sizes. Each of them has special strengths and abilities that must be approached in a specific way.

As you reach higher levels, you’ll face stronger zombies that are more infected with the virus. Challenge all kinds of zombies and drive them out of the protected land.

On top of that, you will also face giant bosses with extraordinary strength, unmatched by any zombie. Be sure to be well-prepared so you can stand up to his attacks.

dead target

Enjoy powerful weapons with special abilities

To fight the evil zombies, players in Dead Target will have access to a variety of weapons, all with unique stats and powers. Their different uses will make them useful when dealing with different enemies.

Pick up a variety of weapons with different ranges and firepower, such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, bazookas, and more. In addition to that, you can also use upgrade options and change weapons as you wish. Learn how to use and customize each weapon and become a master.

dead target

A good upgrade that can really turn the tide of battle

In addition to powerful weapons, gamers will also have access to a number of in-game buffs that can significantly improve your abilities. These range from simple increases to your damage, accuracy, or fire speed, to even astounding boosts that can turn the tide of a fight, especially if you’re fighting alongside teammates.

Face many challenges to defeat zombies and earn cool prizes

In order to collect useful and amazing items in the game, players in Dead Target can participate in addictive quests. Pick up your favorite weapon and take on the epic challenge. Destroy some monsters to gain experience points and level up. Unlock cool items and weapons so you can continue your journey. Plus, the game has some of the weirdest, funniest achievements you can complete to earn epic loot.

dead target

A variety of different maps with completely unique gameplay

The game introduces gamers to interesting maps with completely unique gameplay. Here you can face zombies in tight buildings, huge battlefields or surrounded by hundreds of zombies.

Use the terrain and choose the right approach to fight against zombies. Shoot the target with precision from a huge arsenal. Unlock powerful rockets and use them to send fearsome zombies flying.

Play games without an internet connection

The game is easy to play on mobile, no internet connection required, which is great. This way, you can fully enjoy offline gaming and its portability. Your progress is automatically saved online every time you reconnect to the internet.

Challenge online players in leaderboard shooter matches

Of course, this game also features the most exciting online gameplay where players can fight together in epic zombie shooting challenges. Help each other out as you protect the planet from zombies.

Or challenge other online gamers from all over the world in the leaderboard shooter. Compare stats to decide who will be crowned champion. Find your friends who also play the game by linking your social accounts. Share your progress with him and brag about it proudly.

Dead Target game is free to play

The game is free to play on the Google Play Store, so you can easily install it on your phone. There will be in-app purchases, but if you pay enough attention, you won’t be bothered. There are plenty of prizes, and you’ll find yourself on par with paying gamers.

Unlock unlimited access with our mods

But if you don’t have time for small tasks, it’s better to install our Dead Target Mod APK on your phone. We’ve unlocked the game to its maximum so you can easily access all its features, buy anything you want without paying, enjoy ad-free gaming and more. Just download our APK file and follow our guide to install it.

Dead Target visual and audio quality


The game has relatively impressive graphics for a mobile game. You’ll experience console-level zombie shooting in this great mobile game. Fire at enemies while enjoying powerful visuals. Experience realistic blood and lighting effects like never before.

On top of that, Dead Target also has customizable graphics options for low-end devices. Therefore, you can easily reduce the graphics quality to fit your device’s hardware and get a smoother gaming experience.


Combined with powerful and vibrant sound effects, Dead Target introduces gamers to one of the most immersive shooters ever made on mobile platforms.

Download Latest Dead Target Mod APK Android 4.99.0

Fans of classic zombie shooters will find this game a lot of fun. Find yourself facing zombies in this addicting challenge.

Dead Target MOD APK v4.99.0 (All Guns Unlocked) Download
Download Dead Target MOD APK v4.99.0 (All Guns Unlocked) Download 

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