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Dance Clash APK v1.1 MOD Full Game Unlocked

Dance Clash APK v1.1 MOD Full Game Unlocked
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Dance Clash APK v1.1 MOD Full Game Unlocked

Dance Clash is a game that focuses on dancing. The operation of this game is very simple. As long as the player presses the corresponding button according to the screen prompts, the player’s character will dance gracefully. To enable players to have a better game experience, many songs of different levels are prepared for players to switch.

Dance Clash Game Features:

1. Excellent audio-visual enjoyment: exquisite characters and scenes, combined with songs, lighting effects, and various unique attributes, have a comprehensive visual and auditory experience of impact.

2. Dazzling dancing characters, small pets, clothes, new upgraded practical operation experience: new rhythm sense practical operation method, which can be changed in pk.

3. Easy pk experience: can turn basin friends into piglets, can ignite fireworks on the performance stage, and colorful game props can produce more colorful stage effects.

4. Rich and colorful market competition content: the market competition is no longer limited to the win or loss in a mobile game. Star rating points, popularity values, academic libraries, contribution points, garden level, motivation values, and awards can all become the overall goals pursued

Dance Clash Game Highlights:

  • Arrange your dance steps to surprise the judges in the competition!
  • Wear the coolest dance costume in history!
  • Up to the top!
  • Keep a close eye on the big prize – let that golden cup be your bag!
  • Decorate the stage and get ready for the showdown!
  • You can even choose your dance group members. Make smart choices – you need a good team to win the dance contest!

Dancing proves you are the best

The main content of Dance Clash is to hope that players can prove that they are the best dancers no matter what school they are performing in Hip Hop or Ballet. Each class has its highlights, but depending on the dancers and their creativity, anyone has the opportunity to win an overwhelming victory. The game will also create many perfect conditions or environments to immerse itself in the gorgeous dance.

Hip Hop is very different from Ballet. Both of them have been deeply developed in this game. With complex dance, they are divided into many levels. According to the players’ dancing ability, they will gradually come into contact with new dances, but they need to design or create the latest combinations to impress everyone. In addition, it will continue to expand dance categories for players to absorb essence.

Smooth control and intuitive design

The advantage of the game lies in the smooth and flexible design of the control mechanism. Players need to rely on the melody to make each dance come alive. Because of this, they need a lot of opportunities or creativity in the competition, so as to get full marks and enter the more difficult links. According to the ability of each player, their jumping ability will be different, but the control mechanism is sensitive and will change automatically over time.

Build relationships with people you love

In addition to fighting on the dance floor, Dance Clash also provides players with the opportunity to build relationships, and they can fall in love with opponents of any genre. In addition to developing feelings, players can also make many randomly assigned dance teammates to work together and win in the team dance fight. Because of this complexity and diversity, it always brings the most impressive innovation to players when they jump enthusiastically.

Changing FABBEST Clothing and Accessories

Dancers’ clothes are very important. The game will make people happy to design the most impressive clothes for themselves on the dance floor. The fashion style is also divided into two schools, which enriches the players’ choices and gives them more creativity in special fashion. Skin elements are also important in many cases, because they always bring great progress and high scores to players at the end of the battle.

Exciting online activities with generous rewards

Dance Clash will launch more online activities, and people will be happy to challenge each other to win many rich rewards. However, the structure of these events is different from the ordinary game mode, and many of the restrictions or new rules will make players more excited and flexible. These arenas also provide players with many choices to enjoy their achievements.


Dance Clash is a casual puzzle simulation dance tour, which can bring you to feel the charm of dance, play easily and simply, and experience fingertip operation. Choose your favorite makeup and clothes, train your favorite dance to practice, start performing on the stage, and fight with others to see who is the first and becomes the king of the stage

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Dance Clash APK v1.1 MOD Full Game Unlocked
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