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Crush Them All MOD APK v2.0.270 (Free Hero/Job Level Up) Download

Crush Them All MOD APK v2.0.270 (Free Hero/Job Level Up) Download
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Get ready to immerse yourself in this classic RPG – Crush Them All and join our hero to save the princess from monsters. But instead of struggling through intense and challenging levels, you can enjoy the game’s idle mechanics, which allow players to rest comfortably while the heroes fight for you.

Explore the vast world in the game, there are many different locations for you to freely explore and enjoy the game. Use the unique powers of various heroes to fight against endless waves of monsters. Unlock exciting abilities and upgrades to make your roster even stronger. And come up with various tactics to deal with different enemies. Simple but very fun RPG gameplay or strategy will ensure you enjoy every part of it.

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Crush Them All

Crush Them All Story/Game

In Crush Them All, Android gamers can enjoy the addictive gameplay of an idle RPG with lots of cool features and fun elements. Following in the footsteps of our heroes saving loved ones, gamers can meet other heroes and team up with them to create the ultimate roster.

Explore their different strengths and abilities in battle to devise the best configuration for your crew. Lead them into epic battles against giant monsters and bosses. Use your brilliant strategy to outwit your enemies. Best of all, the idle gameplay will ensure you have nothing to do while letting your heroes do the fighting.

Explore the game’s compelling story through many fun adventures and addicting quests. Unlock various available heroes and upgrades as you progress through the game. Defeat more and more enemies. Play games with friends and online gamers and start multiplying your fun. Rich in-game elements will always fully meet the needs of Android gamers.

Crush Them All game features

Here are all the exciting features this game has to offer:

Simple gameplay and easy controls

First of all, Android gamers of Crush Them All will have no trouble immersing themselves in the addictive game, thanks to the game’s simple mechanics and easy touch controls. Here, you can have your character fight enemies while occasionally performing some of their skills, making certain available upgrades, or using other in-game functions with one-touch controls. In fact, you can even allow the game to run on its own when you leave the game and use other apps on your phone. Just go back and collect your loot and make some changes to your heroes before letting them fight again. This will ensure that you can enjoy Crush Them All comfortably anytime, anywhere.

Many different heroes with unique powers

If you’re interested, you can now enjoy co-oping with a variety of heroes in Crush Them All, each with a unique design and different abilities to use. In addition, heroes will be divided into different classes and classes. In order to build the strongest team, you must fight against S-level legendary heroes and raise their strength to the extreme. Also study the different compositions of your team to maximize each hero’s strengths and abilities. Use the right settings to facilitate other forces to fight the enemy. Level up throughout your journey to ensure your heroes are always ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

Endless levels for you to enjoy

To ensure that all of you can enjoy the addictive gameplay of idle RPG in Crush Them All, this great mobile game will contain more than 1000 different stages for you to enjoy anytime. Accept epic challenges in the game that introduces you to many exciting and addicting action and strategy games. Defeat enemies with stronger power and various combat mechanics. Each level has a corresponding difficulty level, you will never feel bored and overwhelmed. This way, you can always enjoy every moment of your game.

Create and upgrade many unique items

In addition to the upgrades available to heroes, Android gamers can also collect a plethora of useful artifacts and take advantage of the crafting feature in Crush Them All to craft all kinds of fun items. Quickly strengthen your heroes with unique powers and attributes. Choose to equip items for certain characters and always upgrade them to maximize their abilities. With over 50 different items, you are free to customize your hero’s powers.

Manage your team

To ensure you have the best chance against powerful enemy bosses, players can manage their team throughout the battle. You can start by adjusting the formation and composition of your team. Or take advantage of the direct in-game controls to fine-tune your skills when facing powerful foes. Activate your Flawless Execution in-game to fully experience the thrill of mobile gaming.

Use fun props

If interested, you can get a number of useful power-ups in Crush Them All, which allows Android gamers to unlock a ton of buffs for their troops when facing off against formidable foes. Collect and use your items at the right time to be effective against enemy forces and give yourself a huge advantage against them.

Addictive guild battles to enjoy

In Crush Them All, Android gamers can also play online games with friends and online gamers from all over the world. Connect to social media networks to see what games your friends are playing. Check their progress and their team composition for inspiration to improve your squad.

Alternatively, you can team up with friends in the exciting guild mode to form a new guild or join an existing one. Explore addictive guild gameplay with fun co-op battles against powerful bosses and lots of interaction between members. Complete many guild quests to earn special rewards and make your guild stronger. Communicate with your guildmates in and out of battle, as you’d love to make friends in-game.

Many daily tasks to do

Plus, with frequently updated daily missions, you can enjoy the exciting gameplay of Smash ‘Em whenever you want. Take on epic challenges, complete various quests, and collect special rewards at any point in the game.

Never lose game progress

Also, you can easily save your in-game progress on a cloud drive by connecting the game to your respective social network or Google Play Store service. So even if you accidentally delete the game, you won’t lose your in-game data.

Enjoy offline games anytime

If interested, you can now play Crush Them All offline on all mobile devices, only with guild mode disabled. Just immerse yourself in the game without activating mobile data or hunting for an active Wi-Fi connection.

Crush Them All game is free to play

Despite all the exciting features, all Android gamers can still enjoy Crush Them All on their phones for free. So you can download and install free games on Google Play Store without paying.

Enjoy the game with our awesome mods

But since the game is still freemium, it has ads and in-game purchases that you have to unlock with real money. So unless you want to pay for the game, our mod Crush Them All is always the better choice. Here we provide modified gameplay with ads removed, unlimited money and unlocked features. All of these will allow you to fully enjoy the game. Just download the Crush Them All Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and start experiencing the game.

Crush Them All visual and audio quality


In Crush Them All, Android gamers will enjoy a similar art style to Tap Titans 2 and Archero. With beautiful character designs and immersive 2D environments, Crush Them All will fully immerse players in the RPG action. Enjoy the addictive gameplay of idle RPG with smooth game animations, brilliant visuals and stunning visuals. All of which will keep you totally hooked on the adventure. Not to mention the lightweight 2D graphics will always allow for smooth and satisfying Crush Them All gameplay on all your devices.

Crush Them AllAudio & Music

In addition to stunning graphics, Crush Them All comes with a catchy soundtrack to immerse you in every stage of the game. Also, amazing sound effects will make the battles in the game a real pleasure for all gamers.

In conclusion

Get ready for addictive Crush Them All battles. Use your special abilities and team composition to take on powerful enemies. Enjoy the sneaky features and idle play that make Crush Them All really stand out. Not to mention the free and unlocked versions available on our site will ensure that you can enjoy all its features without any problems.

Crush Them All MOD APK v2.0.270 (Free Hero/Job Level Up) Download
Download Crush Them All MOD APK v2.0.270 (Free Hero/Job Level Up) Download 

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