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Crunchyroll comic book app download v3.1

Crunchyroll comic book app download v3.1
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Crunchyroll comic book app download v3.1

Crunchyroll is a very good app for kids who like to watch comics, dramas and movies. You can quickly see your favorite dramas in it. At present, it is completely free, bringing you the best experience of watching dramas. You can also communicate with people in the channel to experience the fun of anime. I believe many users will like it!

Crunchyroll function:

Animation area: the most colorful part, mainly including various handwriting, MAD, AMV, etc

Fanju District: With the fastest, latest animation, clear picture quality and smooth buffer speed, it has become an important reason for many people to stay

Game area: mainly including video introduction and explanation, Mugen, etc

Entertainment area: It focuses on all kinds of excellent, happy and interesting entertainment videos

Ghost animal area: Second and third dimension ghost animal videos, brain holes that cannot be filled, and energy that cannot be prevented

Science and technology zone: a gathering place for people to enjoy cutting-edge science and technology from all walks of life, as well as vertical science popularization and technology houses at different levels

Music area: V family and cover singing are the main themes, but there are also many excellent original writers and players resident

Dance area: a large number of excellent works from Japanese and domestic dancers, as well as many excellent new dancers

Film area: a gathering place for all kinds of films. It is the first time to see new foreign films

TV play area: mainly Japanese dramas, American dramas and other dramas, updated in a timely manner, with clear picture quality

Crunchyroll features:

1. Watch more than 25000 episodes and 15000 hours of the latest and hottest anime and Asian drama!

2. Watch popular cartoons at any time, such as Ghost Killing Blade, King of Navigation, life in a different world from scratch, wings of freedom, etc.

3. You can watch the new dramas from the past season to the Japanese release at any time. The wonderful dramas are all here. You can watch them whenever you want.

Crunchyroll advantages:

1. The playback of the corresponding animation series is only one hour behind that of the relevant Japanese platforms, and the chase animation is relatively fast;

2. There are many differences between free and paid privileges. After paying, there is no advertising, and you can watch on 4G and 5G networks;

3. There are many well-known animation works in Japan. You can definitely find your favorite animation resources here.


The perfect world for Japanese anime and comic fans. Now, you can watch animation or read your favorite comics anytime and anywhere. To ensure the best user experience, Crunchyroll is updated regularly every week. So please support them and give them motivation to continue to improve and develop this application. Contribute by posting comments below this article.

Crunchyroll comic book app download v3.1
Download Crunchyroll comic book app download v3.1 
3.25.1 / Mod: Premium unlocked, No ads
Crunchyroll v3.12.2 build 528

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