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Crazy Diner app apk download v1.4.6 (Unlimited money )

Crazy Diner app apk download v1.4.6 (Unlimited money )
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Crazy Diner app apk download v1.4.6

Restaurant Madness is a high-paced cooking game that requires the player to cook a variety of dishes in succession in a limited time for each challenge. It enables one to enjoy or discover the cooking methods of many culinary cultures around the world, including famous dishes from the East to the West.

Crazy Diner

A Vast Journey Through Countries

Restaurant Madness introduces players to a rich and in-depth challenge system that allows everyone to fully enjoy cooking. This includes impressive expansions to many other countries around the globe, thus creating diversity and richness for players’ culinary cultures. They can also open more independent restaurants and enjoy all the culinary challenges each location has to offer.

Intoxicating and high-octane cooking gameplay

The game’s cooking mechanics are dynamic and high paced, immersing players in endless entertainment. Thanks to this, cooking is also easier, as players only need to focus on clicking on items, mechanics and tools to cook and combine everything to serve customers in a limited time. In other words, the entire gameplay challenges the player to be accurate or dexterous, while the pace of the challenge gradually picks up.

Unlock new cooking utensils and mechanics

As players continue to complete challenges in each restaurant, Restaurant Madness will gradually unlock more new content in the upgrade system. Through it, players can enhance the cooking performance of various ingredients or improve the efficiency in general. Not only that, they can also enhance the value of each food unit to serve customers, bringing many benefits in a short period of time.

Decorate the restaurant with beautiful furniture

The décor of every restaurant is important because it makes customers feel more secure and patient while waiting for the menu. It also makes the restaurant more brilliant and attractive through many impressive and outstanding designs and gives the user more ideas to revitalize the restaurant. Depending on each player’s ability, they can change the restaurant for many purposes and serve customers flexibly.

Various Culinary Cultures to Cook and Taste

The various culinary cultures in Restaurant Madness are also great content, opening up many thrilling experiences for players. Depending on the type of cuisine, they change in style or cooking mechanics, and even the cookware or appearance changes dramatically to suit each unique rhythm. New cuisines are always more lucrative than previous cultures, but their complexity can also increase significantly.

How many levels are in the game crazy diner?

Except for the beginning donut and burger restaurants, each restaurant to follow comes with 40 levels. These same restaurants all have an endless level which is marked by a glow and an arrow. Once you have completed all levels and goals, a transport vehicle will take you to the next chronological city.

What do the red gems in Crazy Diner do?

In Crazy Diner you require Gems to pay for upgrades. Interestingly enough you can’t acquire Gems by playing common time management levels, so how do you get access to them? The answer is through rewards.

• New event: Christmas Carnival is about to start! Complete missions to get great prizes, don't miss it!
• Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Crazy Diner app apk download v1.4.6 (Unlimited money )
Download Crazy Diner app apk download v1.4.6 (Unlimited money ) 

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