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Cookie Cats Pop APP download v1.61.1 (VIP,Infinte Lives,Coins,Gold,Tickets)

Cookie Cats Pop APP download v1.61.1 (VIP,Infinte Lives,Coins,Gold,Tickets)
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Cookie Cats Pop APP download v1.61.1

When you come to Cookie Cats Pop, you are like entering a super cute cat paradise, accompanied by four characters – 4 cats with different colors and personalities. Join them in rescuing cats trapped in a chain of colorful bubbles. They’re stuck there for a number of reasons; depending on each level, you need to save a different number. Just shoot, don’t let the bubbles get too close to the screen, and listen to the cookie song sung by the cats.

Cookie Cats

Shoot a series of colorful bubbles

Cookie Cats Pop is more than just a fun game. The cuteness of cats will really immerse you in this game. With a lofty mission – to rescue the cat from the tightly surrounded bubbles. You’re ready to shoot down a series of colorful bubbles with the first 4 cats. Save important cats, aim for proper focus and shoot instantly.

Use your knowledge to guess the most accurate

This game takes no time, you just need to remember that the most important task is to rescue the cat. Players will need to travel through many spaces in Cookie Cats Pop, where communities with cats need to be saved. Go to the right place to perform your duties. You’ll need to shoot exactly the row of bubbles the cat is in and safely free them from suffocation. You should strategize and snipe as soon as possible.

Experience hundreds of challenging levels

We bring you a colorful world of cute cats. Please do what you can to bring them peace. Players need to pass hundreds of levels to free all the cats trapped in the bubbles. The number of levels will be updated continuously, and the difficulty will gradually increase. Just play and rescue – all you need to do. The higher you climb, the more cats need rescue and the more challenging their situation.

Challenge your friends with your highest score

What makes the Cookie Cats Pop special that many players have been choosing may be the clarity of the scoring process. For every shot you spend saving the cat, you get different points based on accuracy. You might even lose points if you aim at the wrong target. The better you hit the ball, the higher your score. The faster you save the cats, the more stars you earn.

With cute graphics and simple gameplay, this game is suitable for everyone. You can compete with your friends in offering rescue games for cute cats. A clear score is calculated after each shot. Also, you can replay the levels you want to play to practice your sniping skills and improve your score. Conquer the highest levels you’ve never been to before.

Enjoy beautiful songs

Four adorable adult cats will keep you company throughout your challenges with Cookie Cats Pop. Players will free the trapped cats in their own way, so there is no official gameplay. During the rescue process, you can enjoy the beautiful songs brought by the cats for each level.

Shoot a series of colorful bubbles to complete a critical mission – rescue the many cats trapped in these cookie balls.
Come up with the best strategy, execute missions in various neighborhoods, shoot accurately, and save the cute cat from the hot bubble.
Rescue the cute cats through hundreds of difficult levels. The higher the level, the more complicated the difficulty and the more cats need to be rescued.

Play exciting games with friends; scores are updated after every shot, so you can enjoy the fun with peace of mind.
At each level, you are accompanied by cats who will sing you sweet songs every time you successfully complete a mission.

Correction of bugs and connection problems detected in previous versions.
Cookie Cats Pop APP download v1.61.1 (VIP,Infinte Lives,Coins,Gold,Tickets)
Download Cookie Cats Pop APP download v1.61.1 (VIP,Infinte Lives,Coins,Gold,Tickets) 

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