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coocoo whatsapp mod apk download v4.0

coocoo whatsapp mod apk download v4.0
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Coocoo whatsapp mod apk download v4.0

Coocoo whatsapp MOD APK is an application specially used to transfer files on WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business from Android to iPhone. This small application has very unexpected significance in many cases.

Introduction to coocoo whatsapp

Transfer WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business files from Android to iPhone quickly and smoothly

Some mobile applications are used for entertainment and are familiar to many people (such as photo editing tools), while others have specialized and specific functions but receive little attention. Only when they are really needed, will people search them and wonder if there is anyone in the world who needs rare applications like them?

Last month, I decided to switch from Android to iPhone. At that time, I thought I would definitely lose all the messages, photos and clips of my family, friends and colleagues on WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. My PC is broken, so it can’t be used as an intermediary to transfer files. Therefore, I searched Google to see if it was helpful, and the result coocoo whatsapp appeared.

What can the main functions of coocoo whatsapp help you?

Coocoo whatsapp is an application that transfers all WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business data between Android and iPhone. All files, no matter how large or in what format, can be transferred in just a few minutes. This application is certainly not popular, but with this professional function, you must choose it when you need it.

Coocoo whatsapp transfers all file types successfully

Coocoo whatsapp can help you transfer all files on WhatsApp, regardless of the format: message, contact, image, information file, video, animation, etc. With OTG data lines, the file transfer process is direct, simple and efficient. As long as the Internet connection is good and stable enough, everything will be fine. You don’t need a PC to transfer files as you used to. Now everything can be transferred directly from Android phone to iPhone, and vice versa.

For WhatsApp Business (WB), the situation is similar. Coocoo whatsapp helps to securely transfer all file formats from WB on Android to iPhone, and vice versa.

At present, coocoo whatsapp supports the transmission of up to nine types of data, including text, photos, audio, video, files, emoticons, locations, etc. In the future, the application will be continuously updated and improved according to the commitment of developers

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Log in to multiple accounts at the same time

Coocoo whatsapp can also help you log in to multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device or the same account on different devices. This feature is very convenient if you have used many different WhatsApp accounts and want to centralize all your content in one place for neatness and ease of management. This seemingly complex problem can be skillfully solved by installing coocoo whatsapp on your device.

Restore deleted WhatsApp messages

You accidentally deleted a series of messages on WhatsApp and are looking for a recovery method? Coocoo whatsapp can also help. The application will support the safe recovery of lost messages, including outgoing recordings, messages, pictures, videos, and other media files.

High security

Transferring files is a sensitive thing, especially when you have many private conversations or important information at work.

Among all the primary and secondary functions, coocoo whatsapp highly adheres to the privacy principle. The developer is committed to protecting the privacy of all users and will not retrieve, back up or retain any message, information or image when you transfer files, restore deleted messages, or use multiple WhatsApp accounts on your mobile device at the same time.

There may be an application with functions similar to coocoo whatsapp. But the developers’ firm commitment made me decide to download and use it immediately.

Fast transmission speed

When transferring files, coocoo whatsapp always ensures a stable transmission speed and the quality of all Internet connections. Without spending too much time waiting, you can directly observe the file transfer progress on the main screen of the application, which only takes a few minutes at most.

Which operating system version is coocoo whatsapp compatible with?

The compatibility of coocoo whatsapp is also quite extensive. For iPhone, it requires iOS 9.0, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14 or higher. For Android devices, it requires Android 7, Android 8, Android 9, Android 10, Android 11 or higher. It supports various mobile phone brands including iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, etc

Coocoo whatsapp also supports multiple languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. And this list will be expanded in the near future.

Function of coocoo whatsapp module of MOD APK version: advanced unlocking


When you need to transfer files on WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business from Android to iPhone, please download coocoo whatsapp to use. The application’s fast, high-speed dedicated file transfer and absolute security make everything easier.

Support for transferring WhatsApp contacts !
coocoo whatsapp mod apk download v4.0
Download coocoo whatsapp mod apk download v4.0 

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