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Congas & Bongos APP download v8.8.1 Unlocked

Congas & Bongos APP download v8.8.1 Unlocked
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Congas & Bongos APP download v8.8.1 Unlocked

The Congas & Bongos app gives you the opportunity to be “hands-on” with real percussion instruments! A free program that is as fun as it is easy to use! Get it now and enjoy!

How do CONGAS and BONGOS work? The app turns your smartphone or tablet display into a photorealistic drum kit. Just tap the pads to start playing right away.

Congas & Bongos APP

Not a member of the percussion group yet? The Congas & Bongos set includes 25 loops in various styles, and 10 video tutorials to help you learn how to play the instrument. You don’t have room for a drum kit in your apartment, do you? “Congas & Bongos” is great for practicing as it won’t disturb the neighbors or take up too much space.

Congas & Bongos is a software dedicated to learning music. There are a lot of music learning resources on this software, mainly the percussion methods of Congas and Bongos. The courses here are recorded by professional teachers Yes, it can bring you a lot of conveniences to learn these two musical instruments. If you need the software for the conga drum and bongo drum, just download it!

Introduction to Conga and Bongo Drums

Awaken your inner musical cell while composing the best Latin music with the perfect percussion instruments! We bring you Conga & Bongo: the best and most comprehensive Latin percussion app on AppGallery!

Learning how to play has never been easier! The app transforms your phone or tablet screen into an emulated Latin percussion kit. For instant recording playback, all you have to do is tap the instrument.

In addition, there will be 10 rhythm lessons for conga and bongo drums with tutorials to teach you how to play them. It also has 15 percussion loops that you can use as accompaniments, including: stop percussion, country, jazz, pop, and reggae, just to name a few.

A fun, lightweight, and user-friendly app!

Great for anyone who wants to learn or practice. Try your moves without making too much noise or taking up too much space!

Live performance mode is also available!

Enjoy the best and most comprehensive Latin percussion app on AppGallery!

Perfect for drummers, percussionists, professional musicians, amateurs, or beginners!

Touch & Play!

Conga and Bongo Features

– 12 Pads and Chords

– Studio-quality audio

– 10 rhythm samples with tutorial

– 15 loop accompaniment styles

– recording mode

– Possibility to export recordings to MP3

– Works with all screen resolutions – phones and tablets (HD images)

Conga and Bongo Advantages

Score download: rehearse after class to consolidate and review.

High-quality tutorials: Free choice and free learning.

Online teaching: Realize online interactive learning with teachers.

Conga and Bongo Reviews
The two percussion instruments, the conga drum, and bongo drum can be learned in the software of conga drum and bongo drum. The courses in it are very professional. If you are interested, please download the software to learn more!


10 drum pads
Studio-quality sound
10 rhythm samples with tutorial
25 loops to jam together
recording mode
Export recordings as MP3
Works with all screen resolutions
Phones and Tablets (HD Images)

Congas & Bongos APP download v8.8.1 Unlocked
Download Congas & Bongos APP download v8.8.1 Unlocked 

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