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Chronus app apk download V22.5 (Pro Unlocked)

Chronus app apk download V22.5 (Pro Unlocked)
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Chronus app apk download V22.5

Chronus Information Widgets is an app that brings together all popular widgets like clock, weather, news and more. They get and fulfill all the conditions and requirements of the users. All Chronus devices help your mobile system conserve battery power, reduce data waste, and provide rich, accurate information. Let’s have the most modern new features here together.

Chronus app apk download V22.5


Coming to Chronus Information Widgets, players can use all functions freely and flexibly. Here you can use Yahoo! to view weather tables easier and more efficiently than ever. In addition, you have the opportunity to read articles or news related to important events or issues on the news feed of the available resources. In addition, many weather information sources continue to be updated regularly every day to provide users with the most accurate information sources.


This application has handy features for quickly supporting Google Tasks without taking too much time. Also, you can mark important dates or certain upcoming events with eye-catching colors and bold fonts to create accents for easy distinction and a date you won’t forget. Also, backup and restoring utility settings is something this app can finally help you do quickly.

Extended GMAIL, Small Phone, Messaging Integration

You will be able to extend Gmail to a great extent. As others move to your Gmail, any messages or information appear quickly and are constantly updated. Also, the same goes for incoming calls, you’ll see the phone number of the missed call on the screen and let you call it back or not. Also, text messaging is built-in.

Chronus Info Widget Chronus Info Widget

Optional colors, sizes and layouts for all widgets
Coming to Chronus Information Widgets, you can customize the colors to best fit the interface, making it easier for users to see every time they use it. Also, you can use it to protect your daydream screen your way. In addition, style and layout are also an important part of the appearance, and need to be arranged neatly and neatly for easy finding. Finally, it is impossible to tell the user the exact time without forming a complete dial.

Some things you should know before downloading this app

This is an app only for Android 4 and Android 5+ devices. Not only that, but this is an app that reduces the power consumption of your device. What’s more, you have the right to use it for free. There are no taxes to pay before downloading. In addition, anyone has the right to join this application; whether you are a child or a student, young or old, you can participate comfortably using it. Users will be the first to receive warm and thoughtful support from the application. Don’t forget to recommend this app to people around you.

Version 22.6 and Wear 9.4
- Re-adds Wear Watchface to main app listing
- Weather: Update Wunderground support
- Weather: Support OpenWeatherMap 3.0
- Add alignment option for Clock+ widget
- Add support for Android 13 (Tiramisu)
- Updated libraries and APIs
- Updated translations

- Weather notification Status bar icon type
- Chronus wear app link
- Startup crash in v22.3
- Wear settings crash in v9.4
- News feed sort summary
- Backup UX inconsistency
Chronus app apk download V22.5 (Pro Unlocked)
Download Chronus app apk download V22.5 (Pro Unlocked) 

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