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CDisplayEx APP download Unlocked v1.3.32

CDisplayEx APP download Unlocked v1.3.32
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CDisplayEx APP download Unlocked v1.3.32

CDisplayEx is not only the most popular comic book reader in the world but also a very lightweight and efficient CBR reader. It can read Manga as well as various formats used for comic books (.cbr files, .cbz files, .pdf files, etc.). Everything is designed to give you the best manga reading experience. Comic books load almost instantly, making the reading experience simple and straightforward.


All of the best manga reading apps support horizontal and vertical continuous pages, which have the potential to make readers’ entertainment hours easier and more enjoyable. Additionally, advanced page scaling options allow you to predetermine the amount of scrolling required to reach the opposite edge of the page.

You can easily find and read your comics by browsing folders, but if you want more control over your collection, library management is built in! Just point the reader where you store your comics, and it will organize them into series or recommend the next album in your collection for you to read. If you use the integrated search, you’ll be able to find a book in no time. For any manga lover, finding a sequential chapter to read can sometimes get them into annoying trouble. Now, the problem is solved.

Cdisplay software introduction

CDisplay is a free comic reading tool, which is most suitable for watching European and American electronic comics (of course, it can also be used to watch Japanese comics, and the software has specially set up a “Japanese comic mode”). CDisplay supports two comic formats, CBR and CBZ, as well as RAR compression format. Moreover, using the pre-reading technology for the RAR format, you can customize the number of pages or files pre-read into the memory, thereby speeding up the reading speed. CDisplay has built-in simple image adjustment functions, such as color balance and GaMMa correction, which can be used to adjust the quality of comics. Its most worth mentioning is the yellow pages bleaching function, which is very useful for friends who like to read early classic old comics (X-Men, Spider-Man, etc.).

Cdisplay software features

1. Customized setting shortcut keys, in line with everyone’s habits

2. The system occupies a small footprint, even the poorest computer can run

3. Three menu keys are on the panel, you can call them easily

Notes on cdisplay

1. The first time CDisplay runs as a full-screen display, you can right-click to select the window mode, and then enlarge the narrowed window. This happens only when running for the first time, and the setting status of the program will be automatically remembered in the future. (The original procedure is like this)

2. The file manager that comes with CDisplay has a preview function, but it takes a lot of time to encounter large files. If you don’t want to preview, you can choose the “standard windows file window” function, but the function of directly jumping to the historical directory is only valid when using the built-in file window.

3. If “shrink to window width” is used, it is better not to use “automatic compression across pages” at the same time, otherwise the display will be inaccurate

Main features

– Access to Mega, Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, and Komga.
– Continuous pages, horizontal and vertical.
– Advanced page scaling options that allow you to preset the number of moves to reach the opposite edge of the page.
– Open files on the network without fully downloading them (samba).
– Image export function.
– Support bookmarks.
– S Pen support.
– Night mode.
– Change the interface language.
– No ads.

Various bug fixes.
CDisplayEx APP download Unlocked v1.3.32
Download CDisplayEx APP download Unlocked v1.3.32 

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