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Carly OBD2 Car Scanner v48.47 MOD APP APK

Carly OBD2 Car Scanner v48.47 MOD APP APK
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Carly OBD2 Car Scanner v48.47 MOD APP APK

Car scanner software is an Android car scanner APP, which can achieve car diagnosis, application monitoring, electronic equipment diagnosis results, senior management, and other functions, and diagnose the status of the car with necessary tools, download, and use it for free!

Application description.

1. Car scanner software for Android is the best car diagnostic and monitoring app.

You can observe car parameters in real-time, read and reset errors and freeze frames, track self-diagnostic results of electronic control devices, measure car acceleration, keep fuel consumption statistics, and more:

Application features.

1) Adjust the dashboard as needed. You can customize multiple pages by selecting different types of pointers (arrow pointers, text, graphics) and adjusting the appearance of each page.

2) Add additional sensors to get information hidden by the car manufacturer.

3) Read and reset errors. The car Scanner contains a large database of errors.

4) Read the freeze frame (the state of the sensor at the time of the error).

5) Observe the result of the self-diagnosis of electronic control devices.

6) Check if the car is ready to test the environmental performance of the exhaust.

7) Observe the readings of all sensors on one screen.

8) Car Scanner supports all vehicles compatible with the OBD2 standard (for more information, please visit

9) Car Scanner includes pre-configured connection profiles for a variety of vehicles.

Some connection profiles will provide you with additional functionality (Toyota, Lexus, Mitsubishi, GM, Opel, Vauxhall, Chevrolet, Nissan, Infiniti, Renault, Hyundai, Kia, and Mazda).

10) Dashboard mode can be used as a projector on the windshield of the car. Get it for free which was previously only available for premium cars!

11) You can use a Car Scanner for precise acceleration measurements!

12) Car Scanner can be used as a trip computer! In addition, the Car Scanner can display fuel consumption statistics!

13) Most importantly, with Car Scanner, you get the most features in the entire Google Play for free!

Please note: The list of displayed parameters is 100% different for each vehicle and is not related to Car Scanner, but to the vehicle control unit.

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The car Scanner requires an OBD2 adapter based on the ELM327 chip to operate.

Adapters that operate via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Bluetooth 4.0 are supported.

Recommended adapters to purchase: Kiwi 3, Viecar Bluetooth 4, V-Gate, Carista, LELink, Veepeak, Konnwei KW903.

Watch out for “faulty” adapters!

We are faced with some adapters usually made in China that do not connect to smartphones or cars, which generally happens with ELM327’s cheap adapter version 2.1.

In addition, this adapter may cause vehicle failure, loss of communication, and delay in receiving data from the vehicle.

We recommend buying the original ELM327 adapter or buying the above-mentioned brand adapter. Which are available at affordable prices.

Update log.

1. Added connection profile for VW ID.3 MG ZS EV.

2. Added more custom units.

3. Added battery pairing program and dashboard language selection for Nissan LEAF ZE0/AZE0.

4. Added several new codes for VAG MQB.

- All Carly brands in ONE app
- New app dashboard design & easier access to features, please check it out!
- Improved diagnostics for VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda models between 2015 and 2022
- Extended repair & maintenance guides for all available vehicles in Carly starting 2007
Carly OBD2 Car Scanner v48.47 MOD APP APK
Download Carly OBD2 Car Scanner v48.47 MOD APP APK 

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