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Camera360 Selfie Photo Editor App Download

Camera360 Selfie Photo Editor App Download
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Camera360 Selfie Photo Editor App Download

Camera360 Selfie Photo Editor App is a photo management and editing software released on iOS and Android platforms. Although it has been released for a long time, the application remains one of the indispensable photo editing tools for everyone.

Today, photo editing applications are springing up like mushrooms, Camera360 Selfie Photo Editor App is always at the forefront of the trend, and has introduced many interesting functions and filters. This helps the Camera360 Selfie Photo Editor App remain attractive and improve the user experience in the best way possible. You can easily take photos and save unforgettable moments in your life.

Presumably, the name Camera360 Selfie Photo Editor App is no longer unfamiliar to smartphone users, especially those who like taking photos. Although very close to everyone, I’m not sure whether you fully understand and understand all the functions provided by Camera360 Selfie Photo Editor App. So please follow my article to learn more about this great application!

The most popular photo editing application

When it comes to Camera360 Selfie Photo Editor App, it is necessary to mention the photo editing function. This application provides you with a set of useful tools to make your photos more exciting.

In particular, there will be a separate set of editing tools for portrait photos. You can freely adjust the tone/auto smooth, fade shadows, hide or simply use intelligent AI auto-correction to be faster. No need to make up carefully, just pose for shooting and leave the rest to Camera360 Selfie Photo Editor App.

Camera360 Selfie Photo Editor App Features:

==Customized portrait==

[Skin rejuvenation] Say goodbye to the exaggerated facial mask, and keep the details and texture of the tender and smooth baby skin

[Facial features remolding] 21 medical beauty micro plastic surgery facial features adjustment, without PS trace

[Face slimming] Stepless magnification, manual real-time shaping adjustment, no blind corner, unique area protection, no help

[One click beautification] Smart beautification. Say goodbye to tedious operations, and the beauty of the prosperous age can be easily handled

==Style filter effect==

[Magic Sky] Say goodbye to foggy days. The sky can be changed at will. Welcome to try the sky filters such as the comic sky and dreamy sky

[Style transfer] Let photos be like paintings, use the “big artist” filter, and everyone is an artist

[Cartoon effect] Visual portrait and cartoon filters make photos instantly switch to anime

[Film filter] Film color, Frye film, and old-time film series filters make photos full of artistic atmosphere

== High-definition texture selfie==

[Texture filter] Super 300 filters are optional, including film, film, Japanese, black and white, retro, HDR, LOMO, and Hong Kong style

[Natural beauty] 8 categories and 27 categories of beauty makeup can be adjusted at will, and beautiful style and color can be separated, giving you more freedom to control beauty experts

[Cute Pat Stickers] Various interesting dynamic stickers. Knock cute, knock cute, intelligently recognize faces, help you recognize facial expressions with one click, and can also interact

[Video capture] It supports 10s to 60s video duration, music is optional, and all stickers, filters, and cosmetics can be used

==Professional image processing==

[HSL Color] Do you want to adjust only one color? Just use me! Make unique color photos!

[Image correction] Support vertical and horizontal, good partner for architectural photos, horizontal and vertical I * stick!

[Basic Tone] 13 basic parameter adjustments, such as saturation, exposure, highlight, shadow, level, color temperature, and hue, are for you who like to play with pictures

[Local filter] Super 300 filters support local applications! See how you can play!

[Advanced Portrait Tools] Are you not satisfied with the one-button P map, and want personalized beauty? It’s right to use the advanced portrait tools when you want to transfer

[More beauty options] Unique lip biting, matte lipstick texture, two-color eye shadow, all in the camera 360VIP

[Massive paid materials] Stickers, mosaics, and graffiti pens are continuously updated every week

[No Advertising Disturbance] Refuse advertising interference and use more smoothly!


Camera360 Selfie Photo Editor App is the best convenient and fast photography software. It allows you to take photos in all directions, no matter whether freckles, yellow skin, acne, etc., Just one touch of beautification, it’s all done. Do you want the gods and goddesses to pay attention to you? This app is very powerful and simple. It’s very convenient to use. If you are interested, please download it!

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Camera360 Selfie Photo Editor App Download
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