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CallMaster app apk download v6.7

CallMaster app apk download v6.7
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CallMaster app apk download v6.7

CallMaster introduces people to many great features and helps block or manage incoming or outgoing calls so everyone has a peaceful day. It integrates more flexible AI and a superior information retrieval functions to help display all caller information at the fastest speed before answering the call. Of course, it can also block annoying calls forever, covering all sources so that users are always free from unwanted distractions.


Excellent friendly interface and smooth interaction

CallMaster’s interface is one of the greatest advantages in providing users with the best user experience when managing personal contacts. Interestingly, the whole thing works as an extension and integrates or changes some key details in the native app to simplify the interaction. These also feature extensive customization and always open up new possibilities for people to uniquely discover or interact when collaborating with new contacts in the system.

Precise information to instantly identify callers

In addition to the interface, the app also incorporates a flexible artificial intelligence capable of instantly searching for caller information and displaying it on the screen. This information correlates with what the other party has interacted with through their personal phone number, making identification easier. It can also automatically block or drop calls associated with call centers or bots that appear at many companies, but still allow some critical calls from the company.

Record all your calls in absolute quality

Call recording is also important in many processes, and CallMaster can fully satisfy users with excellent conditions and impeccable quality. The recording system also integrates additional AI for convenient recording filtering, and can even enhance the call volume for convenient recording. Users can also customize recording files with many additional options to make perfect audio files with good sound filtering so that all information is not mixed or faded.

Manage your contact list with fascinating settings

Custom or personalized contact lists are also suitable for users who want their contacts to be gorgeous and colorful. They can also attach more information or a featured photo of the contract to make it easier to identify the call rather than the basics. The custom system can also be extended with many individual elements. Users can add or delete something to create a new contact list with unlimited creativity and fun features.

Organize blacklists for further intervention

The blacklist in CallMaster is a list that the system will automatically block or remove incoming calls, even the other party. The feature is very different from regular blocking, and one doesn’t need to waste a lot of resources or time to start blacklisting contacts. If they put an entire company on that list, the system will automatically associate other numbers and block future communications from those companies.

Awesome Floating Bubbles for Call Management

Users can manage calls through application-specific floating bubbles, which provides great convenience for user personalization. In addition, one can add impressive features to improve the quality of management for everyone, while changing things directly through the bubble. The support of floating bubbles is perfect in many factors and will open up new possibilities or user experiences for managing incoming calls from multiple sources.

CallMaster is one of the leading utilities if users want to improve work performance or delete unwanted calls with simple operations. Also, the included customizations are advanced and help bring a new level of comfort or feel to professional contact management.

Some features

The friendly and excellent interface and extension-like design provide users with the best interaction and exploration with all content and built-in functions.
With the extensive information collected online, the caller can be identified immediately by providing useful information about the caller before the call is answered.
Efficiently manage contacts to shorten dialing times or quickly identify caller information with hilariously added messages.
Customize the address book blacklist for the system, and automatically block incoming calls without notifying others, and the effect is remarkable.
A special floating bubble allows users to quickly familiarize themselves with or interact with key functions, making it easy to manage incoming calls.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.
CallMaster app apk download v6.7
Download CallMaster app apk download v6.7 

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