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New whatsapp v9.12 download mod apk official latest

New whatsapp v9.12 download mod apk official latest
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New whatsapp v9.12 download mod apk official latest

New whatsapp V9.12 is the modified version of the official WhatsApp. You get many extra features with new whatsapp V9.12 new version instead of using the official WhatsApp. Features like hiding online status and airplane mode, has become very popular among users as opposed to the limitations of whatsapp. It also has extra privacy available , and there is no need to pay anything to use new whatsapp V9.12 apk download. Here is the new whatsapp V9.12 latest version apk.

Advantages of using new whatsapp V9.12

1.Greater customization: the main advantage of new whatsapp V9.12 is its almost infinite customization options with endless possibilities to adapt the app to the user’s preferences in terms of aesthetics and usability.

2.More privacy: the features of this MOD make it much more private than the official app, enabling the user to stay virtually invisible, hiding their connection time, blue checks, status, etc., as well as being able to protect their chats or even hide them completely.

3.Two accounts on the same phone: unlike other MODs, such as WhatsApp Plus, new whatsapp V9.12 does allow the use of two accounts on the same device thanks to its package name being different from WhatsApp.

Summary of new whatsapp V9.12 APK features

1.Anti-Ban :You must have heard about “WhatsApp mods ban accounts.” Well, with the anti-ban system, the third-party developers are trying to not let your account to be banned by WhatsApp Officials. Some of the WhatsApp mods using this mechanism too. This is a great feature of new whatsapp V9.12. Now you don’t have to much worry about the banning system because here we have an anti-ban mechanism.

2.Added High quality of images and videos: new whatsapp V9.12 latest version is not like that mad official WhatsApp which decreases quality when a media file is shared. With this Mods, you can send high-quality images as well as videos to your contacts. Even you are able to send 1 Gb of files at a time with the new update features. You can send more than 10 images at a time too. Share the high-quality media files. Download it today from our website free and easy.

3.Theme Store and New Sticker Packs Added: In new whatsapp V9.12, you are able to use YoThemes features to add awesome and new themes to your WhatsApp. Enjoy all these themes for free as well. And you must know about sticker packs. Well, with the new update of new whatsapp V9.12, you are able to add sticker packs and customized sticker packs. You can download sticker packs from the play store as well. Download as many sticker packs as you want to. Make your chats look awesome. So what do you think? Go for it, personal advice.

4.Anti-revoke Messages and Status: Maybe you are anxious about that deleted message from your chat. Now, no more worries about those permanently deleted messages, because here you are reading the greatest WhatsApp mod, “new whatsapp V9.12“. With this, you can see those deleted messages without any trouble. And status as well, if someone in your contact list, puts a status, and deleted it, you can see it by using this anti-revoke status feature. So do you like this feature? Use this feature by just downloading Fouad Mods right now.

5.Found WhatsAPP Customization Features: new whatsapp V9.12 Latest Version 2022 has customized features with which you are able to lots of things like, able to customize ‘who can call you, ‘who can message you, even you can customize your contacts profile pictures as well as status. You can customize themes, emojis, launcher icons, sticker packs, etc. Even you can change the notification icons of new whatsapp V9.12.

6.Message a number without saving any contact: Maybe you are worried about that deleted message from your chat. Now you don’t have to worry about those permanently deleted messages. Because when you read the better WhatsApp mod, “new whatsapp V9.12”. With it, you can see your deleted messages without limitations. If you have accidentally deleted a message even though it is in your contact list, you can use this anti-revoc status feature to check your contacts. So, do you like this feature? Download Fouad Mods now and use this feature.

7.DND mode: There is a DND mode also available in new whatsapp V9.12. It’s a great feature to stay out of people’s interruptions. Simply turn on DND mode and stay out of stress. You can easily turn this feature. So what do you think of this DND mode? Download new whatsapp V9.12 APK now.

8.Fonts And Icons: Fonts and icons are important experiences when we use mobile applications (especially messaging applications). Therefore, if you like custom fonts or are tired of stock icons, you can choose some interesting fonts from the theme store.


Q: IS it safe to use new whatsapp V9.12?

A: Yes, it is completely safe to use new whatsapp V9.12, as the main concern here is your privacy and this to has the end-to-end encryption as normal WhatsApp. I am using this mod from months for my business purposes and never faced in problem in the use of this app.

Q: What is new whatsapp V9.12 and what is it for?

A: FOUAD WhatsAe in WhatsApp.

With new whatsapp V9.12, you will enjoy many customization options, enhanced privacy features to prevent anyone from controlling your use of the application, and the ability to remove many of the current limitations of WhatsApp. Everything without giving up the latest features of your favorite messaging app.

Q: What is the difference between new whatsapp V9.12 and WhatsApp Plus, and which is better?

A: new whatsapp V9.12 and WhatsApp Plus are very similar applications and there is no gap between them. Both applications are developed and maintained by HeyMods technical staff.

Comparing new whatsapp V9.12 and WhatsApp Plus, the menus of both apps are almost identical. Also, both apps have the same number of MB, were updated at the same time, and have the same version number. At first glance, the differences in functionality seem to be limited to details that developers want to emphasize individually in an attempt to create a unique identity for each mod.So, if we have to choose, we will say that new whatsapp V9.12 is better than WhatsApp Plus.

Installation guide

  • To download this mod you need to follow these steps:
  • Find the fmWhatsApp mod module article here and click the Download button to download it
  • Please wait while the download is completed.
  • Then, go to the phone setting and click the security setting.
  • You need to enable “Unknown Resources” to install this app.
  • After the installation is completed open the app.
  • Now it will ask you the number to make a new account or use your current account.
  • After this, a code will be sent to your number.
  • Enter that code and start using this app.
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New whatsapp v9.12 download mod apk official latest
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