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Bleach Brave Souls v14.3.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Bleach Brave Souls v14.3.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download
  • Updated
  • Version 14.3.2
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Developer KLab
  • Genre Action
  • Google Play
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Bleach Brave Souls, a Japanese 3D action game developed and published by KLab Games, is officially released for Android and iOS devices worldwide. The game was originally released in Japan in 2015, before expanding globally in 2016. People have downloaded it more than 50 million times to date.

Bleach Brave Souls is a free mobile capsule game set in the Bleach Universe. Here, players control characters from the popular anime Bleach, including Byakuya, Ichigo, Kenpachi, and Ranji. All of them join forces for the sole purpose of fighting evil in the form of terrifying ghosts.

BLEACH Brave Souls

Bleach Brave Souls General Information

Bleach Brave Souls is a brand new mobile action RPG based on the hugely popular manga series. For the mobile version, we’re now getting a newcomer attached to the legendary world of Bleach, an RPG-style game with the craziest fighting stuff called Bleach Brave Souls.

The game will take you into the vast world of Bleach, where players will join hands with Ichigo, Rukia, or many other very familiar characters. In this game, the protagonist Kurosaki Ichigo is a boy with the ability to see ghosts. He accidentally used the power of the Soul Reaper, the defender of souls from souls who died due to the evil power of the Hollows.

Bleach Brave Souls presents a gameplay that is very close to traditional action RPGs. Gamers will team up with virtual levers to carry out violent attacks. It comes with a myriad of abilities and sends the enemy class into the void.

Multiple enemy battle scenarios, mixing sword lines and on-screen shot damage, will become familiar in Bleach Brave Souls. In the game, you can also look forward to an immersive role-playing system that allows the protagonist to develop powers by leveling up along the way.

It’s unclear if we’ll be able to wear a different costume or weapon for Ichigo. But the developers will allow you to increase your strength through attack enhancement mechanics or some exercises.

Bleach Brave Souls are also built into the party mechanics, allowing players to switch between three different characters. It opened up many schools of fighting and spurred gamers to open up familiar titles included in the Manga series.

Bleach Brave Souls Backstory

The title work of this work, “BLEACH”, is a super popular sword fighting action manga that has been serialized until the first issue. In 2016, Shueisha Shonen Manga Magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump” Issue 38. The manga has received overwhelming support since its serialization in 2001, with a total of 74 volumes and more than 120 million copies worldwide.

TV animation was broadcast from 2004 to March 2012, and four movie versions have been released so far. 2020 will usher in the 20th anniversary of the serialization, and the “Reaper’s 20th Anniversary Project” is currently underway. It is popular not only in Japan but also overseas, and its popularity is expanding.

Bleach Brave Souls is an action RPG that inherits almost all the core story and most unique elements from the Bleach comics.

After some ups and downs on mobile platforms, the manga adaptation Bleach Brave Souls is officially on Steam.

Not only that, but the game is 100% free. This is great news for comic fans and the Steam gaming community.

In less than a week after its release, “Bleach Brave Souls” has attracted praise from thousands of players. If the positive rate exceeds 80%, it can be regarded as a high-quality free game that cannot be ignored.

BLEACH Brave Souls

Special issue

Fun 3D action that flows in all directions

Bressol is an exhilarating action that lets you run freely in 3D space with simple operations! Slash your enemies with decisive hack and slash action! Up to 4 people can play together in common missions at the same time! Invite your friends to complete challenging missions!

Super moves in Bleach Brave Souls

Bleach Brave Souls’ exclusive deadly cool technology is fully reproduced with powerful production and full sound. Let’s win with special moves of funny characters! The strongest team is three-on-one.

Let’s team up with your favorite characters freely! Combinations not seen in the works are also possible.

BLEACH Brave Souls

Relive the original animated world

In “Quests” that advance the story, you can relive memorable scenes from Rukia and Ichigo’s stage. Let’s develop characters while enjoying the information!

Test your mettle in level battles

Trained characters to test their strength against other players! Aim for the top spot by ranking in weekly league battles!

Let’s strengthen the character of Bleach Brave Souls

In addition to levels, you can also use “strengthening stones” to “strengthen characters” to further strengthen your character’s abilities! Upgrade, break through limitations, strengthen characters, etc. how strong are you Characters who link names to other characters can also create new abilities.

BLEACH Brave Souls

Free Soul Jade Lottery Pool

Bleach Brave Souls is the same as all Japanese mobile games. It is impossible to rely on money to improve combat power. The game mainly relies on card pools and character development.

  • Participate in the official event: After the official game is launched from now on, as long as you successfully complete the Ichigo swastika, you will be presented with a “Character Summoning Voucher, 150 Lingyu”. This incident is 100% resolved! As long as everyone remembers to keep up, the white flower soul jade and 5-star character summon coupons are free to receive.
  • Advent Level: First open the “Advent Level” interface, and swipe all 31 characters derived from this stage. You can get 35 spirit jades and 31 runes once you practice, and a total of 1085 spirit jades can be summoned.
  • No equipment: In fact, there is a chance to get a lot of “Accessory Summoning Tickets” in the game. The main activities are given, of which there are many. So I advise all novices not to draw equipment, or they will get old.

How to Buy Small Parts Leader in Bleach Brave Souls?

There are no course fees in the game, and raw intensity is no different. If you want to buy it, here are a few CP value spree packs,

  • “Newbie support gift package”: It will directly give you a character occupation of level 200, optional. As long as a name reaches level 200, you can get 75 soul jade. With the 21 soul jades presented in this gift pack, you can get a total of 96 soul jades and high-ranking optional characters.
  • “Asian version open download gift pack”: At the beginning of the game, your characters must be uneven. For example, this gift pack with “5-star character summoning coupons” can create your initial short version. Then there is “5-star cultivation full”, you can get 125 soul jades, and with the 166 soul jades presented in the gift package itself, you can get 291 soul jades.
  • “Monthly Card”: “Monthly Card” is the most cost-effective in all games. Bleach Brave Souls has “Physical Monthly Card” and “Character Monthly Card”. Just click on the “Passport” interface to purchase it. Both CP values are good.

Overall evaluation

Attractive game

The game’s control system is well-tuned for touchscreen devices. Using the virtual joystick on the left side of the screen, you can move your character freely. On the right side of the screen you’ll find buttons to perform the different attacks you need to fight enemies. In the upper left corner, there is a button to change your main character in the mission.

The game’s missions are relatively short, usually lasting two minutes. You can see the scene in great detail, but it’s also pretty small. Each set contains hidden containers with supernatural objects that help your character level up.

Between the distance of two missions, you can upgrade your character. They become stronger, gain more health, and do more damage in their attacks depending on level.

Bleach Brave Souls is a fantastic 3D action game inspired by the Bleach universe. It has attractive visuals and a great control system. The only thing that crashes the game is the extra data you have to download.

BLEACH Brave Souls

Graphics and Effects

Bleach Brave Souls still uses 3D to highlight each battle or to help characters come to life on the home screen. Additionally, the game uses 2D to construct meaningful dialogue that guides players along the storyline with ease.

Because it is a live-action game, the content is still the same as that of the manga. Doing this will save you from the devastation caused by a developer coming up with the wrong storyline.

At the same time, stereotypes and inevitable boredom when it’s so easy to predict in-game events, especially for those who have thought about the series.

Operating system

By choosing a card-style team building style, players can draw generals to improve skills, equipment, attributes, etc. Additionally, generals can connect to increase stats when entering battle.

While the interface couldn’t be more creative than a card game, players will be amazed that Bleach Brave Souls is an action game when it comes to PvE, quests or PvP. By using 3D characters, players can move freely and unleash actions.

Players can also flexibly change generals to make PvP battles more dramatic. Because not only the way to attack and dodge, but the functionality allows for the constant and dizzying character changes that Bleach Brave Souls brings.

In addition to its dramatic PvP feature, Bleach Brave Souls also has a Co-op feature. This allows creating a team of multiple players to join the quest.

Depending on the number of players, each mission takes more or less time to complete. Usually, it doesn’t last more than 10 minutes, only minutes or even seconds compared to a PvP or PvE match.

Not only does the game allow players to finally be able to create individual rooms when co-oping with friends, with full control over the missions of their choice, but it also allows random access to pre-made rooms. You can collect many cool features.

Bleach Brave Souls appears in a very flawless way while balancing important elements in the game such as gameplay, graphics, storyline in one product. Likewise, by being too neutral and too close to the original, Bleach Brave Souls exudes a pacifist feel that doesn’t really stand out to fans who already know the series.

Player comments

For Bleach Brave Souls, players will control and gradually build a powerful army, including familiar BLEACH characters such as Ichigo and Rukia. This game is like Duty Dead, one of Sakura’s most popular series. All characters in the game provide players with unique skills.

Players can form a team of up to three people, risk their way out in multiple environments and multiple challenges, and can freely switch heroes at any time during the battle. The virtual button controls on the touchscreen of Bleach Brave Souls are similarly designed and often look similar to other games of the same genre.

After assembling the strongest lineup, players can attack, destroy and create many beautiful and powerful combo chains with their troops – which is the highlight of Bleach Brave Souls is a 3D game rather than a classic 2D game. They also invested in the Bleach Brave Souls soundtrack when they had a rock band called the Hello Sleepwalkers perform.

Bleach Brave Souls also features even more exciting weekly tournaments, where players can lead their army of warriors to defeat other groups and win unique prizes. Another advantage of Bleach Brave Souls is that it is very light. You only need a computer with low configuration to play this game well.

In conclusion

Bleach Brave Souls is a free mobile capsule game set in the world of Bleach, developed and published by KLab Games for Android and iOS platforms. The game utilizes characters and developments from the original popular manga.

This is an RPG with strategy and combat elements. Players will collect generals, form teams, and fight against each other. You will pass through many different doors with increasing difficulty.

The mobile game features hundreds of collectible characters that can be upgraded and used in battle. You will use items to upgrade your character.

Bleach Brave Souls only has 2D graphics, but the abilities work satisfactorily. The image of the general is presented in a cute chibi style. Each game update has additional characters and gameplay to bring a new experience.

Bleach Brave Souls v14.3.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download
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