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Blades of Brim MOD APK v2.19.36 (Unlimited money) Download

Blades of Brim MOD APK v2.19.36 (Unlimited money) Download
  • Updated
  • Version 2.19.36
  • Requirements Android 5.1
  • Developer SYBO Games
  • Genre Action
  • Google Play
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Blades of Brim is an endless runner mobile game with a gameplay similar to Subway Surfers. In the game, players will be transformed into heroes such as knight princes, wild beastmen and even treacherous banshees, flying all the way to the wall, slaying demons, cultivating magic power, defending the kingdom, and forging the glorious reputation of the heroic camp in the galloping world!

Blades of Brim

Blades of Brim game introduction

Blades of Brim carefully designed layers of mysterious levels and fantasy props for players, allowing you to explore and use. The endless levels are full of dangers. A huge army of evil wizards ambushed in the wizarding continent formed by dungeons and valleys, waiting for an opportunity to kill the forces of justice. Facing the challenge, players will be invincible with huge weapons, release magic power to summon dragons, wild wolves and other spirit beast mounts, as well as weapons and firearms, kill wizards all the way, and start a mysterious and passionate running journey!

As an advanced game of the popular “Subway Surfers” game, Blades of Brim not only inherits the core game experience of the parkour mobile game “Fast and Furious”, but also creates a new generation of endless parkour, fast duel and other modes . This game lets you get rid of all shackles and run to the end of the universe!

The Blades of Brim game is thoughtful for players, and there are no in-app purchases in the game! And regardless of the network connection, players can enjoy the smooth 3D eaves and walls in the game, enjoy the thrill of killing monsters at close range, and beat the boring fragmented time!

Blades of Brim is an innovative 3D casual parkour game, created by the original team of the “Subway Surfers” game and represented by Tuowei Games on both platforms. The game has newly introduced cool modes such as endless parkour and extreme speed battles. Players will become heroes such as knight princes and wild beastmen. The blood of the journey is spurting. Let’s start a mysterious and passionate galloping journey together.

Blades of Brim Gameplay

Blades of Brim takes parkour as the core and combines combat + adventure elements. The game growth line includes three aspects: characters, equipment and mounts. With the improvement of equipment and mounts, the battle is more refreshing. The specific gameplay includes:

  1. Knock down the enemy between jumping and flying, and use powerful combo skills to destroy the evil army with endless minions;
  2. Fight side by side with the mount magic pet, use powerful pet skills to destroy all enemies;
  3. Personally customize the appearance and attributes of your characters: more than 50 different armors and headgears;
  4. Explore the vast magical world and collect legendary weapons and armor. The more equipment you collect, the more game rewards and attribute bonuses you will get, and you can even get pet eggs that can hatch dragons;
  5. Unlock more characters by upgrading. In addition to different appearances, the new characters will also get racial talent bonuses: elves, witches and more new characters are waiting for you to choose;
  6. Random props: Midas touch, one-hit kill props can help you smash the enemy smoothly. The invincible shield and flying wings leave the enemy far behind;
  7. Level tasks: successfully completing the tasks in the dungeon can bring you huge rewards;
  8. Kill gradually stronger enemies with more combos.

Blades of Brim game action

Routine action

Parkour action is a big part of Blades of Brim. A big part of the challenge for the player is moving around and avoiding obstacles. During the running process, there are usually three tracks for the player to choose from, and the player must run on the correct track in order to avoid rocks, gaps and enemies. In the game, the player can move by controlling the up, down, left and right keys.

  • Click “Up”, the character will jump
  • Click “Down”, the character will roll over
  • Click “Left”, the character will switch to the left track
  • Click “Right”, the character will switch to the right track

Wall run

Blades of Brim features the ability to do wall-run. Wall-run means that the player can run along the side of the wall for a short period of time. During the process of climbing the wall, the player can perform very complex actions.


During the player’s run, he will encounter different enemies that need to be defeated. When fighting an enemy, the player can use the same control keys as during the run, but when the enemy is very close, these keys will change to move and attack.

  • Click “Up”, the character will jump + attack
  • Click “Down”, the character will roll + attack
  • Click “Left”, the character will left click
  • Click “Right”, the character will right click


In the game, the player earns points by defeating enemies. A “combo” occurs when the player hits two enemies in a row. With “combos”, each hit increases the score bonus by 2% until the 100% bonus limit is reached (50 combos).

New version update of Blades of Brim:

Weapon capability

Added abilities to all weapons. Which is your favourite?

Elemental Thugs

Elemental mobs found at the portal.

Score bonuses and combo multipliers

  1. Multiply your own score bonus with combos. Previously combos could only grant score bonuses for statistical purposes.
  2. Now the game gives score bonuses based on the type and rarity of weapons, armor and pets.
  3. Adjusted the score bonus obtained by player level.

New content

Isaac’s new Diviner armor set, three special weapons (Yeti Hand, Crescent Moon, Banishing Item) and two pets: Meet the Skeleton Dragon and the Flying Wolf. Collect them in chests or discover them in future special events!


Players of the Blades of Brim game can feel a super casual game mode in the game, and constantly use various weapons in the game to improve their game scores. The mounts in the game can bring players a great gaming experience. All kinds of game weapons are also very rare, and players can get them through adventures at any time.

Welcome to the latest update for Blades of Brim! We have worked hard on improving a lot of little details in the game, and we are constantly working on new features and content, as well as fixing the issues that we know some of you are encountering. Thank you for updating! Now let's beat some Goons together!
Blades of Brim MOD APK v2.19.36 (Unlimited money) Download
Download Blades of Brim MOD APK v2.19.36 (Unlimited money) Download 

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