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Blackmoor 2 MOD APK v13.5 (Unlimited money, life) Download

Blackmoor 2 MOD APK v13.5 (Unlimited money, life) Download
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Blackmoor 2 is a great mobile action game in which the main character is a scruffy knight who needs to rescue his king from a world dominated by monsters. But this game is not just about breaking through levels, players can also create their own levels and then share them with others to challenge. This is a very interesting mobile game, come and download it and have a try!

Blackmoor 2 uses a combination of virtual joystick and buttons. When players destroy enemies along the way, they can get dropped gold coins to upgrade their equipment. It is reported that the game provides as many as 16 map scenes, 20 bosses and 57 different enemies for players to challenge.

blackmoor 2

Introduction to Blackmoor 2

1. Years ago, a ragged, scruffy knight set out to save the world from the Dark Lord by destroying a cursed amulet. He never came back.

2. A group of new, familiar adventurers set out to find their lost friends.

3. Blackmoor 2 is a classic medieval fantasy side-scrolling arcade machine.

4. Combination of classic battles and modern games.

5. Tortuous story mode, eight heroes, enemies and bosses full of creative personality.

6. Participate in the dungeon builder we made for players. Build your own challenge levels and share them easily. This is a creative sandbox.

7. Multiplayer real-time online connection, up to 4 players online.

8. Multiplayer and dungeon modes require an internet connection.

9. The game supports Google Play to automatically store records

10. There are only a few in-app purchases, and everything can be unlocked without paying.

Blackmoor 2 game features

1. Play this game in various exciting modes, in which players can take risks and carry out interesting content.

2. Carry out such a game in the process, use your little hero to fight in rich scenes.

3. The game is very diverse, and there are many contents in which to go on adventures, among the most exciting and exciting battles.

4. There will be a variety of modes and exciting content waiting for players in this game. Among them, the adventure experience and some dungeon world content can be very exciting and diverse, giving players the most The feeling of freedom.

Game highlights

1. Heroes and Dungeons RPG is a competitive adventure role-playing game with a special style. Players can control the protagonist of the game to go on adventures;

2. The screen of the game is very beautifully made by the designer. Become a warrior and defeat all kinds of monsters and enemies;

3. The operation of the game is still very simple. All kinds of weapons and equipment can be collected and used at any time, and you can get scattered rewards.

4. Experience exciting adventures together, multiplayer online competitive mode and exciting adventure feelings.


1. Let’s feel the excitement, and it’s a good feeling to play in such a rich and diverse mode.

2. Play the game in a variety of rich processes, and you can also experience adventures and wonderful battles in the pixel world.

3. Many adventures in the process have the ultimate feeling on the screen, and the game is played in the most exciting mode.

4. Players can experience a variety of different game experiences in multiple different modes in the game

Blackmoor 2 game review

1. There are a large number of equipment and weapons in the game. Players can freely make relevant choices, making the combat experience of most players more exciting and exciting. Game experience;

2. The overall process of the game is very stimulating and exciting. No security can make players feel very excited. The game also tests the relevant operations of players;

3. Continue to exercise yourself in the chaotic battle scenes of the game, start the wonderful multiplayer competitive game mode, let the cool special effects of skills and the height of weapons help you to defeat all enemies.

4. Experience a variety of stimulating games and interesting gameplay and modes, and interesting game links. Players only need simple operations to have a good experience.


Blackmoor 2 is a multiplayer online version game that you can invite your good friends to play together! The game is particularly passionate and exciting, so that you can easily break through the level in the horizontal version. Although the action is a bit simple, it is really fun and interesting! Not only does it carry a large number of plot stories, but it also has 7 heroes with different styles and rich levels for you to unlock and challenge. It is also equipped with special content such as weapons, equipment, pets, etc., so that the game is both classic and full of charm. In addition, the game also has an exquisite and realistic Q-version game style, flexible positioning and micro-action gameplay! Hurry up and download this game from our APK download site to try it out.

422 (13.6)
fix launch issue on some device (unconfirmed)
1 New Arcade tribute stage! (world map, after city)
6 New Villains including Lord Straxarr and Ricky!
30 FPS Mode available in Settings
Blackmoor 2 MOD APK v13.5 (Unlimited money, life) Download
Download Blackmoor 2 MOD APK v13.5 (Unlimited money, life) Download 

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