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Bilibili Mod APK App Download V2.14.0

Bilibili Mod APK App Download V2.14.0
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Bilibili Mod APK App Download V2.14.0

B-site features a real-time commenting function suspended above the video, which enthusiasts call “pop-ups”, a unique video experience that allows Internet-based pop-ups to transcend time and space and build a wonderfully coincidental relationship.

Software Introduction

Bilibili pursues to be a trendy cultural entertainment community for more young people, often nicknamed “B station” by anime fans. Committed to ACG and other entertainment fields of original and second creation of content sharing, a collection of wonderful fan drama, Moe otaku live, classic film and television, hardcore games, digital reviews, charming otaku dance, original music, in-depth columns, moving photo album, fashion and beauty, funny daily, Moe pet raising and a large amount of content, but also the mysterious forces of ghost animal tuning ~

Play release! Joyful and wonderful pop-up comments, team up to launch more pop-ups, rich content of the drama, domestic animation, quickly get a lot of energy, track the UP master’s wonderful dynamics, and small partners together to brush B station hot, enjoy the moving music, video and audio a variety of smooth listening experience, super original praise column articles, the next literary hero is you, original fresh submissions, from today to become an idol!

New version features

2021.01.04 v6.16.0

-Private message support dress up the use of emoticons, together with the emoticon happy communication!

-Dynamic support for manuscript title analysis, what I want to see at a glance!

This version features


– Beep roaming can be customized normally now

– Fixed the problem of home page de-advertising with residual card layout

– Due to the updated loading mechanism of LSPatch, it has become a bit bigger

Beeping Beeping v6.44.0 Ad Removal Integrated Beeping Roaming v1.4.8

If you only update the module, you can install the module directly without reinstalling Beeping

by editapks, Duck

– Remove the copyright restriction on series (editapks), paid theme skins

– Remove startup ads, home page banners, drama details page ads

– Removed top bar of home page: Game Center button, bottom bar: member purchase

– Go to the search interface: hot and ranking, live interface: I want to live

– Go to my page: game center, my course, earn good package, member purchase, creation center

– Go to my page: big member open banner, prize send video banner, more services

– Go to update tips, go to QQ WeChat share, replace new startup image, redirect storage

by roast duck brother

* Unlock paid theme skin

* Remove start-up ads, remove ads on the drama page

* Remove occasional promotion concerns on dynamic pages (test)

* Remove main interface: Go to game center, member purchase, etc.

* Remove My Page: Classroom Mode, Teen Mode

* Removed a large number of recommended services on my page.

Game Center, BW Land, Classes, Earn Good Packs, Receive Benefits, Feedback

* Add: custom bottom tab (My – top right corner – 1st icon (set style))

by bluefleet

* Remove the limitation of downloading copyright cache, the limitation of picture quality of rooted devices and the limitation of using member theme.

* Removed startup ads, youth mode pop-ups, drama page ads, and recommendation page stream ads.

* Modify copyright restricted button to cache button, streamline main interface: remove game center, member purchase, etc.

* Remove application update detection, remove unnecessary permission/service/activity items

Software Features

1. A large number of videos, super wonderful

2. Catch up with the gods, domestic drama

3. Pop-ups, spitting interaction

4. Wonderful live, leading the trend

5. Interactive friendship, sign a contract

Software function

Home: live, recommended, catch up, column, film and television a not left out

Partition: Dozens of partitions lead the fashion trend, join your favorite partition quickly

Dynamic: Sign in to your account and check the news of UP owners and channels you follow

News: The latest notifications, private messages, and likes will be alerted!

Bilibili Mod APK App Download V2.14.0
Download Bilibili Mod APK App Download V2.14.0 

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