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Bikemap Cycling Tracker app apk download v16.5

Bikemap Cycling Tracker app apk download v16.5
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Bikemap Cycling Tracker app apk download v16.5

Bikemap Cycling Tracker app is a kind of cycling software, which is specially prepared for cycling users. You can conduct cycling training at any time on it. You can record various data on it, record your own various cycling data, as well as various map contents. It is an absolute professional cycling tool software. If you need it, download this Bikemap software quickly!

Bikemap Cycling Tracker app features:

GPS navigation of your bike

Navigate confidently from place A to place B and stop over. Our intelligent GPS navigation allows you to choose the fastest route or give priority to bicycle lanes, bicycle lanes and bicycle lanes. Turn on voice navigation to get spoken turning instructions without looking at the screen. If you go the wrong way, don’t worry. Bikemap navigation will safely bring you back on track.

Your bike tracker and bike computer

Track your ride with Bikemap. Turn your mobile phone or tablet into a bicycle computer (including GPX and KML support). During cycling, you will see real-time cycling statistics, including current speed, distance, duration, altitude and ETA value. The riding statistics are saved in your user file, allowing you to track your riding activities for a period of time.

Your bike route planner

Our bicycle route planner allows you to customize the route according to your needs. Search your destination and filter by route length, bike type, road surface and slope. Then sort by relevance, popularity, length and gradient to find the perfect route for you and your bike. You can also plan your route on our website, synchronize them with the app effortlessly, and then use your phone to track and navigate.

Collection of your bike routes

Find the most popular bike routes and mountain lanes near you and elsewhere. Millions of bicycle routes have been found in the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, France and other countries. Visit official routes, such as the Pacific coastline, the Pan American Trail, the Mississippi River Trail, and more. It doesn’t matter whether you ride a road bike, an electric bike, a mountain bike or a city bike. With our extensive route library (9 million routes), you can certainly find things that meet your needs and aspirations. Share your favorite routes and bike lanes with the Bikemap community to enrich our route library.

Your cycling map

Look for necessary points of interest (POI) during your ride, such as public toilets, bicycle parking lots, water stations, repair shops, bicycle rental and electric bicycle charging stations. Avoid any unpleasant accidents such as construction, potholes and slippery roads by reviewing our community reports. Is there anything missing? Help other riders by reporting obstacles, hazards, and facilities on your route. Work with us to build a first-class bicycle map, so that you can ride safely.

Bikemap Cycling Tracker app function:

·Offline maps and navigation. Save all routes and maps for offline use. Offline navigation saves valuable battery life while preventing data usage and roaming charges.

·Bike type optimized route. Optimize the route of road bike or mountain bike. Avoid unpaved sections or include elevated mountain lanes

·Advanced bicycle map. Get additional map layers developed for cyclists (3D, night mode, OpenCycleMap, OpenStreetMap · advanced support. If you encounter any problems in planning, tracking, navigation or drawing a cycling map, we will support you.


If you are passionate about cycling, you should download Bikemap for direct use on your device. Believe me, this will be a super quality partner. Download the app here.

We don’t have any major updates for you this time so here’s a friendly reminder to grab your bike and go for a ride. No matter if you do it for our planet, to quickly get from A to B or to fun yourself - anytime spent cycling is time well spent and it’s great for your mind and body. Happy Cycling! 💙
Bikemap Cycling Tracker app apk download v16.5
Download Bikemap Cycling Tracker app apk download v16.5 

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