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BikeComputer Pro app apk download v8.8.1 (Unlocked)

BikeComputer Pro app apk download v8.8.1 (Unlocked)
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BikeComputer Pro app apk download v8.8.1 (Unlocked)

BikeComputer Pro will make your rides more fun than ever. Currently, health and environmental issues are in the spotlight, so bicycles are becoming a trend. It provides an enjoyable short-distance experience and is your everyday workout tool. The app gives you the tools to track your travel routes and health changes during your ride.


Track changes in your health

BikeComputer Pro offers tools to help track your average speed while traveling by bike, as well as changes in heart rate and blood pressure throughout your trip. With a smart sensor system, the app will accurately monitor your fitness through body and vehicle movements, helping you maintain balance during training.

Auto Guide

Now your commute is easy and you don’t have to worry about getting lost or estimating travel times. With GPS location support, the maps in the app are constantly updated and highly accurate. You just need to choose your starting point and where you want to go; the app will give you route options that you can travel by bike. Choose flat roads or steep hills, long or short, it’s up to you.

Before you move, depending on the route you choose, BikeComputer Pro will provide information about how long the distance is, the estimated time to reach your destination, and parameters such as steep points, difficult roads, etc. These parameters will change dynamically when you boot up based on how you move. In case you suddenly change the selected route during the trip, the app will also adjust immediately and give you new parameters.

Along the way, you will constantly receive detailed instructions on how to get there. For example, before a turn is required on a road segment, the app will inform you how many meters are left to turn and whether you need to turn left or right. Or let you know how far you can go straight, which route you are on, etc. These reports are made by voice without constantly stopping to check your phone and still be able to hear directions from the app.

Support offline use

This is a notable difference compared to other map apps. Cycling tours are sometimes done in deep forests or on adventurous mountain climbs. This is accompanied by loss of signal and inability to access the internet. To resolve this situation, you just need to select offline mode to update the information on the map. This will allow you to use the app even when there is no mobile data or wifi signal.

Everything is very simple

BikeComputer Pro minimizes all unnecessary fiddling. You can use the app by simply downloading it to your device, no need to log in or create an account. The app also has no ads; all services in the app are completely free. The app allows you to link to your smartwatch via BlueTooth, which will bring you convenience and make tracking easier.


✓ Fix for issues selecting the offline map files
✓ Bug fixes and optimizations
BikeComputer Pro app apk download v8.8.1 (Unlocked)
Download BikeComputer Pro app apk download v8.8.1 (Unlocked) 

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