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Bigo Live MOD APP APK V5.33.1 For Android

Bigo Live MOD APP APK V5.33.1 For Android
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Bigo Live MOD APP APK V5.33.1 For Android

Bigo Live app is a very good app software specially prepared for small partners who like to watch live, now you can be more comfortable experiencing the best fun live fun, free to experience the best live world of play, I believe that many users will like it very much, hurry to download the latest Bigo live app experience it!

Software introduction

400 million people are using the live broadcast platform! Talent performance, live video game, global friendship, voice chat, group chat party, small game interaction … the most live host, the most content, the most exciting live, as in BIGO LIVE!

All your friends around you are live streaming, why don’t you follow? Everyone is waiting for you in BIGO, Karaoke, chatting, hacking, playing monsters just missing you a curry! Come on!

Want to meet new and interesting people? Hurry up and download BIGO LIVE, so you can make friends all over the world and get high with 400 million fans!

In BIGO LIVE, there are students live-streaming campus daily life, Netflix girls singing and dancing, cosplaying wonderful costumes, live game battles, and hot short videos, just waiting for you to show yourself, and can also get rich rewards!

Software features

1. Quick exploration

Discover artists, netizens, and popular anchors from all over the world in a second, and find out what’s going on behind the scenes and in front of the stars!

2. Short video community

Selfie video record life, breaking news, funny, and daily shooting, generously share each wonderful moment!

3. Special gifts

All kinds of exquisite and cool gifts, flowers, diamonds, sports cars, and special effects you can choose, so you can send gifts to the heart, to impress the anchor’s heart!

4. Ten million users

Connect with millions of fans around the world, 24-hour interaction with zero time difference, quickly accumulate high popularity!

5. Social Live

The new generation of social networking! Chat and make friends instantly, make friends, show your face, and show your talent anytime, anywhere, you are a superstar!

Software advantages

1、Be able to have more high-definition game picture quality content

2, you can watch live with 200 million people around the world

3, with a short video dating platform app together with black it

4, a 24-hour live gaming software app


You can broadcast yourself live to the world by downloading bigo live mod apk and you can also watch other people play and participate in events with their friends and loved ones. Chat, video call, voice chat and call, voice chat and call, send group messages to anyone, send personal messages to anyone, and you can increase the number of people who follow you by sharing your expertise. Take advantage of the best that this application has to offer, including advanced tools and unique features that allow you to have unlimited fun with a variety of feeds and producers. This modified version makes it easier for you to tackle challenges, and it gives you access to more advanced features that you can enjoy within its scope.

Update content

Fix known bugs

To Be Honest: To Be Honest is an ultimate game of truth that can be played amongst new and old friends through live-streams! A streamer would be selected and answer the on-screen questions about themselves, such as, "What's the one thing you're most proud of?" Get to know your friends' secrets and hearts with exciting and fun questions!
Bigo Live MOD APP APK V5.33.1 For Android
Download Bigo Live MOD APP APK V5.33.1 For Android 

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