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BetterSleep (Premium Unlocked) Mod Apk Download v20.21.1

BetterSleep (Premium Unlocked) Mod Apk Download v20.21.1
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BetterSleep (Premium Unlocked) Mod Apk Download v20.21.1

BetterSleep Paid Premium Download and Installation, the latest Chinese version of BetterSleep is a software for those who like to get hypnosis and decompression services on their cell phones! You can enjoy more services on your cell phone anytime, anywhere! Let your life be full of more wonderful!

BetterSleep Latest Version Introduction.

BetterSleep latest Chinese version – professional sleep quality improvement software, providing intelligent sleep tracking function. The software can clearly record your sleep quality, provide you with the best sleep time according to your sleep status, and help you develop good sleep habits.

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BetterSleep latest version features.

1. Focus mode: Through the combination of tomato work style and free time, create an exclusive tomato clock for different scenarios to make learning and working more efficient
2. Sleep mode: a variety of sleep-supporting sounds, as if you were in it, and sleep well in micro-sleep
3. Relaxation mode: Press the brain pause button anytime, anywhere to relax for a moment and get back to a good state
4. Breathing mode: When you feel anxious and emotional ups and downs, you can get inner peace through breathing regulation

Software advantages.

Use the smart alarm clock to wake up at your personalized and customized time. Enjoy plenty of alarm sounds and snooze features to give you the perfect and personalized start to your day. View your sleep history – your personal tracking log – in a clean, modern app design interface, including daily statistics and longer-term overviews (e.g., for a selected week or month). Filter historical data and take daily variables into account to determine when you’re sleeping best.

Introduction to use.

Track and record your sleep duration, periodicity and efficiency at the touch of a button. Even in airplane mode, you can use all the tracking features simply by placing your device next to your pillow. This allows you to better understand and analyze your light sleep, deep sleep and time spent awake in bed (when you go to sleep or wake up in the morning). Enter daily habits and variables such as caffeine intake, exercise information, alcohol intake and stress levels to analyze the effect of these variables on your sleep quality.

Sleep recording has arrived! Tracking nightly sounds is a key way to find out more about your sleep quality. Try it tonight by tapping the Moon icon in the app and listen back on all the lovely sounds you make while you sleep 🌿
BetterSleep (Premium Unlocked) Mod Apk Download v20.21.1
Download BetterSleep (Premium Unlocked) Mod Apk Download v20.21.1 

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