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Battery Guru Apk Download Lastest Version2.0

Battery Guru Apk Download Lastest Version2.0
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Battery Guru Apk Download Lastest Version2.0

Battery Guru app is a special software to protect the battery of your cell phone, this software can help users to extend the life of the battery of your cell phone, always monitor the condition of your cell phone monitor, also can give the user the remaining time the battery can keep on.

Battery Guru app Introduction.

Battery Guru app is a very powerful battery health management assistant, through the intelligent adjustment function of this app can greatly improve the battery life of the phone by adjusting the user’s charging mode and usage conditions, this is brought to the full Chinese Chinese version to use more convenient.

Battery Guru app features.

Battery Guru displays battery usage information, measures battery capacity (mAh), displays estimates, and helps you change your charging habits with helpful tips to extend battery life and extend its life by 200%.

Designed to keep your battery in top shape and bring about a healthy life, Battery Guru takes care of battery health and optimizes its performance by displaying the battery’s health status.

Batteries have a limited lifespan and every time you charge your device, the battery runs out of power, reducing its total (design) capacity. Now you can reduce wear and tear, spend less time connecting your device to the charger, and get more out of your mobile life without worrying about a low battery.

Battery Guru app highlights.

In the protection section, you can set alerts for battery temperature and charging limits. These are known to be two undesirable factors that can degrade battery performance. Use the suggested protectors to extend the battery life and keep it in good condition.

A section dedicated to battery statistics, including percentage charge/discharge and estimated time to full charge/discharge.

Displays information about the battery: voltage, temperature, capacity and battery operation status, battery charger history…, also provides information about application statistics, wake-up lock and deep sleep/wake time of the device.

The charge history is also part of the “Information” section, which tells you if you are satisfied with the health of your device’s battery. The billing history also has advanced information that shows you the last 3 months of billing history.

Battery Guru app advantages.

No user configuration required BatteryGuru automatically learns and adjusts the settings of your smartphone, so there is no need for you to set it up.

BatteryGuru always runs in the background and provides insight into user habits to further enhance the user experience.

Extends battery life and reduces the number of recharges, which works just like using a battery life extension device.

- Updated notification button function
- Improved charging history database
- Fixed app usage stats for dual battery devices
- Rebuilt saving to database
- Possible fix for values swapping
- Improved time calculations
- Reduced passing parameters to activity
- Fixed full battery estimation when app first installed
- Updated percentage calculation
- Separated discharging/charging stats
- Added average charging stats
- Minor optimizations and improvements
Battery Guru Apk Download Lastest Version2.0
Download Battery Guru Apk Download Lastest Version2.0 

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