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Baby tracker feeding sleep app download v1.1.3

Baby tracker feeding sleep app download v1.1.3
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Baby tracker feeding sleep app download v1.1.3

Baby tracker is a baby recording software. It can record the baby’s sleep, breastfeeding, diaper, temperature, medication and vaccination time in detail, and parents can also record the baby’s growth on the APP, leaving a good memory for the child.

“Baby tracker” focuses on recording and counting the daily life of newborn babies, helping you to quantitatively understand and analyze the growth of babies, and recording interesting events in their lives at any time.

Main functions of the baby tracker:

1. With comprehensive functions, “Baby Life Record” can easily record, edit and statistically analyze baby’s life, synchronize data between Android or iOS multiple devices, and conveniently export and print data and charts. “Baby life record” includes four main modules: baby today (homepage), record, edit and view, and statistics.

2. Convenient and easy to use, the rich functions of “baby life record” can be realized quickly and conveniently. You can record, view, edit and other operations through * simple steps.

3. Activities supporting recording multiple babies can easily record and manage the lives of multiple babies

4. Perfect data synchronization and backup We can easily synchronize and backup data between different Android devices or iOS devices through our dedicated server.

5. Support the printing, email and export of data and charts (csv format)

Main features of the baby tracker:

  • 1. Breastfeeding – records and statistics of breast milk, breast milk bottle feeding, formula milk and complementary food can be recorded, and the type and quantity of food can be customized;
  • 2. Breast milk can be recorded by time; The alarm clock can be set to remind the next feeding time.
  • 3. Changing diapers – four states can be recorded, namely, “shush”, “poop”, “mix” and “dry”, and an alarm clock can be set to remind you when to change diapers next time.
  • 4. Sleep – It can be recorded in a timed way, and an alarm clock can be set to remind you of the next sleep time.
  • 5. Growth – In addition to recording the height, weight and head circumference of the baby, it also reflects the WHO percentile curve in the statistical chart to facilitate the assessment of the baby’s growth status.
  • 6. Milestone – It can record important events during the baby’s growth, and leave beautiful moments by taking pictures* Happy time – record every bit of your baby’s life through photos and words.
  • 7. Other activities – you can customize any record item suitable for your baby and record it in a timed way.
  • 8. Thermography – The baby’s physical condition can be assessed by thermography during fever. Remind the timing measurement by setting the alarm clock*
  • 9. Record and remind of drug administration – Remind of regular drug administration through alarm clock, and query detailed drug administration records when necessary.
  • 10. Vaccination record – record the vaccination time in detail.


Baby tracker is an application that every new mother needs. With it, you will not be so tired and worried. You don’t need to remember too many things, and you don’t need to spend all your energy worrying about how well you are doing. Let go of all the pressure and let the baby tracker help you to remind children of their size during this childcare process.

Baby tracker feeding sleep app download v1.1.3
Download Baby tracker feeding sleep app download v1.1.3 

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