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B612 MOD APP APK V11.5.22 For Android

B612 MOD APP APK V11.5.22 For Android
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B612 MOD APP APK V11.5.22 For Android

b612 camera software is a mobile version of Photoshop for cell phone users. b612 camera latest version can achieve a very simple literary and aesthetic P-mode, b612 camera app exclusive intelligent beauty tools, a second to let you have the ultimate artistic beauty!

Software Features

– Stamp toolbox: stamp imitation tool, repair brush tool, blur tool, smear tool, and special effects brush tool, quick selection tool, various framing tools, etc.

– New project sources: photo gallery, creative cloud, device camera, blank document, clipboard, creative cloud support synchronous upload function, Adobe account registration required

– The following operations can be performed on the project: delete, copy, move, create folders, support image import, optional switch demo mode (for visual operation feedback)

– Built-in help options, in the drawing project interface can modify the selection, undo and redo, select brushes, stamps and other tools, but also the ability to quickly manage the operation of layers

– Image common operations: cut, copy, copy the merged part, clear, select all, select pixels, reverse selection, feathering processing, adjust the edges, display pointer, etc.

– Image adjustment: black and white, saturation, auto-adjustment, temperature, color replacement, color balance, reduce noise, inverse color, color scale, curve, brightness/contrast adjustment

– 4 major types of FX effects processing: basic processing, stylization, artistic effects, photo, 36 FX effects in total, just click the effect you like and fine-tune it

– More options: crop picture, resize pictures, rotate direction, add text, transform graphics, distort processing, fill/stroke, color gradient, fade, etc.

Software Function

Three little ones with the same cute camera

  Adorable Stickers

Our stickers are so cute – the “cute power” from the soft artist girls (= ̄ω ̄=), meow, rabbit ears shake up ~

  Real-time beauty

Video skin is not a beauty face, what you want is a fine high nose, slap face, big white teeth! A variety of real-time dynamic beauty function, function than the B612 B612 camera cute cute camera sell cute camera Faceu cute Faceu fine adjustment of facial features, while shooting beautiful, give you a mirror-like stunning experience.

  One-click makeup application

You can take a big picture even with a face! Covering all kinds of eyebrows, eyelashes, eyeliner, lipstick, blush, etc. to meet all the girl’s heart, real-time preview makeup effect, switch at will, promote the beauty master!

  Self-made GIF emoji pack

The emojis of Kim Kuan Chang, Song Minguo, and Erlang are still not tired of playing? Try to make your own personal GIF emoji pack, meow woman wind, stormy wind, cool wind, and other styles you can switch, dominate all kinds of group chats ~.


When you’re done editing, you can also complete your photos with some of the hilarious stickers in the app. Most of them were created by other online users, like yourself, so don’t be afraid to show off your artistic skills to the community. In the end, we’re sure you’ll have fun with it, and in this case, that’s what ultimately matters most. If you want to try everything that B612 Mod Apk has to offer, we recommend you to download it at the link below. Happy editing!

Update log

[New HD Auto Beauty]
No degradation of image quality, to create smooth skin quality!

[6 new eye light effects]
In different atmospheres, give off a soft and vibrant eye charm!

[6 new reflection effects added]
Add soft or lively eye reflections for each mood!
B612 MOD APP APK V11.5.22 For Android
Download B612 MOD APP APK V11.5.22 For Android 

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