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AZIP Master ZIP RAR Extractor App apk download v3.1.7

AZIP Master ZIP RAR Extractor App apk download v3.1.7
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AZIP Master ZIP RAR Extractor App apk download v3.1.7

AZIP Master software is a universal decompression app, which can view various forms of compressed files and extract the files. It is very convenient to use. It also has the function of file compression, which makes it convenient for users to organize different files. Users who need it come here to use!

Introduction to AZIP Master:

Top mobile phone special compression and decompression software, which can be used to compress and decompress various files, including video and music. It can compress all kinds of files, videos, files, music, etc. online, which is very convenient and easy to use. It can also be transmitted with one key and set passwords to protect your files.

AZIP Master features:

·Enjoy a beautiful interface with detailed and precise content.

·You can compare files and view differences in the current zip.

·It allows you to quickly send profiles via email and messages.

·Help you organize all your data and save space on your phone through document compression.

·To add files and folders, you can use the menu command “+” or drag and drop.

·High security, ensure the security of all files, and use passwords to protect your compressed files.

·Support merging archives. Add zip to all entries in the software merge archive.

·It should be recommended to your friends and family so that everyone can participate comfortably.

·Support encrypted archiving. Add zip to the software to set a new password.

Software advantages:

Fast sharing: compression is like collecting files in one place and packaging them. This operation can help you send multiple documents at the same time, which is very convenient and fast.

Intelligent file picker: The intelligent file picker can help you collect files and compress files very conveniently, allowing multitasking and decompressing multiple files at the same time.

Keep the quality of photos and videos when sharing: If you want to send multiple photos, videos, audio… without losing their quality, you can pack (compress) them before sharing.

Easily browse files and folders: photos, videos, music, documents, etc. Arrange the files neatly, and the recently used files will appear directly on the home screen, so you don’t need to search.

Space saving: By compressing files and archiving files, it helps you organize files neatly to save memory space to the greatest extent.


AZIP Master can protect data, save information, and effectively compress and decompress many files, including large files. AZIP Master is a really powerful compression tool. You should install it on your device and use it when necessary.

AZIP Master ZIP RAR Extractor App apk download v3.1.7
Download AZIP Master ZIP RAR Extractor App apk download v3.1.7 

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