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Avee Music Player pro MOD Apk Download Latest v1.2.194

Avee Music Player pro MOD Apk Download Latest v1.2.194
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  • Version Aee Music Player pro
  • Requirements Android 4.4
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Avee Music Player pro MOD Apk Download Latest v1.2.194

A very powerful and useful lightweight music player software, Avee Music Player Professional Edition, supports visual audio ware, makes HD videos, can customize colors, shapes, sizes, audio reactions and other features, easier to adjust pictures and various settings, very fun.

Advanced Pro Edition Features

Unleash more creative features when editing personalized content:.

*Full video export settings

*Full customization options

*Hide application logo

*Create your own visualizer

*Disable ads

Software Features

*Support for the most popular media formats

*Browse folders directly using folder shortcuts

*Customizable audio visualizer.

*Export visualizers to HD video files.

*Searchable libraries, queues, files, …

Avee Music Player Pro

*Screen orientation lock

*Read and save playlists (pla, pls, mpcpl, plp, m3u, m3u8)

*Lock screen and status bar widgets

* Media and Bluetooth controls support

*Sleep timer


* Fade-in and fade-out and gapless transition

* UI color skins

* 2 types of internal participants

Software Advantages

Support for most media formats

Once it becomes a music player application, Avee Music Player (Pro) is indispensable to support media formats. The application helps you to listen and view the various media available on your device with complete ease. From there, this useful tool will always be present on your device and will help you have an amazing listening experience. Using the application is also very easy for you.

Browse folders and search easily

Once you have used the application, you will be able to find your media, especially your music files, easily. The app will browse through the folders on your device using the appropriate shortcuts and the ability to read playlists is a feature you can’t ignore. Also, when you use the application, you can search for your favorite media files by various criteria (e.g. library, files, etc.).

Operate as widget and lock screen

Another feature you will find in Avee Music Player (Pro) is that the application can operate in different forms, such as lock screen or widgets. As for the lock screen, you can easily listen to songs whenever and wherever you want. In addition, you don’t have to go inside the widget’s application, just open the widget status bar to open the music and have a good time. When you click on the widget, you will go directly to the application and make adjustments accordingly.

Sleep timer and equalizer support

Using this application, you can set the time to enjoy the songs directly and fit your sleeping time. Meanwhile, the equalizer is an indispensable tool to help users quickly listen to songs that match their preferences.

Adjust the visualizer in an easy way

You will find it easy to create music videos with various image and sound effects in Avee Music Player (Pro). You will need to prepare the content of a song and start adjusting the type of music effects from the application list. Also, the background of the video and the picture within the effect is black by default. From there, you can easily edit with the photos available on your device.

Export HD videos

In the Pro version, the application will provide you with all the features that you can use. One of these features is the ability to help you export visual videos and achieve custom HD quality. The quality is prepared in advance, so you can check the list and choose the one that suits your needs. From there, you can share it on various social networking sites.

Ad-free experience

One of the interesting points that the Pro version offers you is an ad-free experience. Ads are something that users often see in some applications and they tend to appear suddenly, causing some inconvenience to them. Therefore, your experience will always be guaranteed when using this version and the functional features it brings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my export project crash or I can’t export my files?

Be sure to use the latest version of the Avee Music Player app from the Google Play Store

Close other unnecessary background applications that consume your phone’s memory and/or restart your device.

Some devices are not compatible with all video codecs, please use the “” codec, which is software-based and compatible with almost all phones.

Your device is difficult to manage high resolution exporting. Change some export settings or choose a different resolution preset, such as ‘ 720@30 7.5Mbps256.0Kbps L’, which is optimized for older Android devices.

Check if you have enough free space on your device to export your files so that the file size does not exceed 4GB.

Make sure to use a supported audio file format, such as .mp3 or .wav.

Choose a simplified naming, with one or two words as an option, and no unnecessary symbols. Your files can always be renamed afterwards.

It is always possible that your file contains errors. If this is the case, you should re-transcode your audio file.

Why do my files take so long to export?

Rendering is one of the most hardware-demanding processes for any device. Video rendering is a real-time process, so it cannot be faster than the actual duration of the source file. The latest generation devices have no problem in achieving real time export speed. However, depending on the length, complexity and export options of the portfolio, the process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to complete.

How do I hide the application logo?

Click the “Hide app logo” box in the Video Export window. This option can be unlocked by watching a bonus ad. Make sure you have an internet connection. Avee Music Player Premium can be purchased and the application logo can be deactivated under Settings by clicking “Always hide the application logo”.

How do I change the exported file size?

Use a lower resolution preset, for example “720@30 7.5Mbps256.0Kbps L”, or use Avee Music Player Premium version, where you can better control export options. In this way, the file size can be increased or decreased, as the file size depends mainly on the audio duration and export settings, such as video bitrate, frame rate, etc.

What is the video file size limit?

The maximum limit for Android is 4GB. you can reduce the size in the export settings.

Avee Music Player pro MOD Apk Download Latest v1.2.194
Download Avee Music Player pro MOD Apk Download Latest v1.2.194 

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